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The Best EMF Protection Underwear (Full Guide – 2022)

If you’re here, you’re already aware of the electromagnetic radiation bombarding our bodies everyday. If you’d like a full guide to why EMF radiation protection clothes are necessary, ready our full article here This guide is intended to focus on the best radiation protection underwear on the market today. So let’s jump right to it! We’re … Read more

Best Low EMF Portable Infrared Sauna (Top 5 Options in 2022)

Portable Infrared Saunas are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason, they provide enormous healing benefits, both for the body and the mind. However, people aware of EMF radiation’s dangers often wonder, is a portable infrared sauna safe? This is a very valid question that I want to take a serious look at. In this … Read more

Best EMF Protection Beanies and Hats (2022 Guide)

If you’ve landed here, you’re already aware of the dangers of EMF radiation and why it’s important to protect your body from them. If you’d like a full guide to why EMF radiation protection clothes are necessary, ready our full article here. This guide is intended to focus on the best radiation protection beanies and … Read more

Best Smart Meter Shield (Top 2 Options to Protect from Smart Meter Radiation in 2022)

If you’re concerned about the high levels of EMF radiation emitted from your smart meter, you’re not alone. Smart radiation levels can be as high and they transmit pulses of electric radiation all day every day.  What’s worse is you usually don’t have a choice. Your utility company likely installed a smart meter without asking. … Read more

Ultimate Guide To The Best Cell Phone Radiation Protection (6 BEST Anti-Radiation Phone Cases – 2022)

I’ve written many articles about cell phone radiation and its negative health effects. Using a high quality phone case for radiation protection is almost always a recommendation. So in this article, we’re going to dig into the options. In a hurry? This is the BEST EMF Protection Cell Phone Case Important Features When Choosing Cell … Read more

Best EMF Protection Maternity Clothing (TOP Anti-Radiation Maternity Clothes in 2022). Radiation Protection Clothing for Pregnancy!

This is the next in our series on EMF protection clothing. And this might be the most important article! As a mom of two, I wish I would have had some of these clothing options when I was pregnant. As you probably know after being on this site, distance is always your best protection when … Read more

Fitness Tracker That Doesn’t Need a Smartphone. AKA Step Counter Watch Without a Phone – 6 Great Options (2022)

Last modified on February 4, 2022 Across the United States, one in five people have a fitness tracker recording their every movement and supporting their fitness goals. As they run, hop, and bike for better health, their trackers by Garmin, an Apple Watch (Get its EMF details here), Fitbit and other key players log their activity without fail. … Read more

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers (Top 4 in 2022)

Hair dryers can be a part of our everyday life. For salon professionals, a hair dryer may be a part of your job.  All electrical appliances emit electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) when they’re turned on but hair dryers, in particular, produce a significant amount of magnetic radiation because they use a lot of power, … Read more

Guide to Choosing the Best EMF Shielding Fabric (TOP 6 EMF Blocking Fabrics in 2022)

Choosing the EMF shielding fabric can be tricky because one must consider factors such as thickness, conductivity, metal, material, and dimensions. Each of these depends on your intended use for the material. I’ll take a look at options from sturdier, more conductive material to soft, comfortable blankets. Both the thicker and more breathable EMF shielding … Read more