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Guide to Choosing the Best EMF Shielding Fabric (TOP 6 EMF Blocking Fabrics in 2022)

Choosing the EMF shielding fabric can be tricky because one must consider factors such as thickness, conductivity, metal, material, and dimensions. Each of these depends on your intended use for the material.

I’ll take a look at options from sturdier, more conductive material to soft, comfortable blankets.

Both the thicker and more breathable EMF shielding fabrics provide significant protection from non-ionizing radiation of EMF and RF that the wired and wireless devices inside your home produce. However, one type of EMF shielding fabric may be better than another simply because of how well it will work for how you will use it.

The intention of this guide is to help you better understand the importance of each factor of EMF shielding fabrics and how you can use that understanding to choose the best.

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The Purpose of EMF Shielding Fabric

EMF shielding fabric protects you from the electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices. There are different levels of electromagnetic fields, each producing a specific strength of radiation.

Not all levels of this type of radiation are harmful since it is non-ionizing; however, many people have begun to worry since the release of 5G networking. With 5G, there is an increase in radiation, especially when compared to 4G.

There is not much information and statistics regarding 5G networking yet because it is still new, but it is known that the level of radiation emitted from 5G devices is much higher than that of 4G. Some believe that these are false claims, but others say that “having 5G is like turning on a microwave oven in every room of your house, and opening all the oven doors.”

In general, the average number of electronics each person on the planet uses has dramatically increased from previous years, which means that everyone is more exposed to EMF radiation levelson a daily basis, not just those who use 5G.

Just in 2017, there were over 400 million cell phone subscribers in the United States. Now that it is 2019, that number has significantly increased, and it does not even include other electronic devices that give off non-ionizing radiation, like computers, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, Smart TVs, smartwatches, and many other digital devices.

Electromagnetic Fields in Cell Phones

Even if you do not use a cell phone, or you limit your time on electronics, you are still exposed to some level of electric fields even in the smallest amount from the people around you.

Cell phones emit radiofrequency radiation (also called RF), which is a form of high-frequency electromagnetic fields.

Most of the time, cell phone manufacturers provide you with the level of RF and SAR radiation. Specific Absorption Rate is the measure of the rate of RF energy absorbed by the human body from a cell phone or another wireless device.

Check out our full article on cell phone radiation and the which phones emit the most radiation.

The only level that has official regulations on it is the SAR, which is regulated by safety guidelines set by the FCC.

How to Find EMF Level of Cell Phone

You may be curious as to what level of EMF radiation your phone produces and how safe it is.

There is a quick way to find out the exact radiation levels of your cell phone. The FCC, who actively regulates cell phone radiation levels, provides information based on the FCC ID number. Find it on your cell phone. This number is usually found under the battery in your cell phone.

Once you have your FCC ID, click here and follow the on-screen instructions for viewing SAR values and radiation test data on that particular cell phone (the Grantee Code is the first three characters, and the rest of the ID is the Equipment Product Code).

How to Measure EMF Radiation Levels

Cell phones are not the only devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. Most of the time, this type of radiation comes from wired devices and even local power lines.

The best way to find out the electric fields of nearby power lines is to call your power company. Usually, you can request an EMF reading, and the company will send out one of their workers to conduct a reading on your lot and relay the result to you.

The alternative option is to measure yourself using an EMF meter. There’re a lot of materials that block EMF radiation efficiently (Check).

Pay attention to what type of reading you are receiving on the meter – Milligauss (mG), AC Volts (VAC), or Microwatts/cm² (μW/cm²).

Milligauss (mG) is usually the measurement you need, which is for ELF magnetic fields, a type of EMF level. Measurement of RF or radiofrequency and microwaves will be in Microwatts/cm² (μW/cm²).

The EMF meter I use and always recommend is the TRIFIELD EMF Meter Model TF2. Here’s mine and everything included when you receive the meter (available on Amazon):

TRIFIELD EMF Meter Model TF2, box, and Manual
TRIFIELD EMF Meter Model TF2, box, and Manual

The average level of EMF in homes is between 0.5 and 1.0 mG. The level of EMF should not be higher than 1.0 mG.

If you come back with a high level, you might consider a radio frequecy protection fabric listed below.

Types of EMF Shielding Fabrics:

EMF shielding material comes from many manufacturers and can be from several different types of materials.

You can buy EMF and/or RF shielding fabric as a bolt (plain material on a roll with no specific pre-determined purpose). Or there are other items made of EMF blocking fabric for practical uses such as blankets, curtains, clothing, jackets, phone cases, and hats.

Cotton EMF Shielding Fabric

Cotton EMF shielding material typically comes as a pre-made product.It is a little harder to find as a plain sheet of material, but there are many useful items you can buy that are EMF-shielding cotton. Usually, it is for indoor use and comes as items such as sheets, curtains, or clothing.

You may see polyester as well, which is very similar.

Mesh EMF Shielding Fabric (including RFID Shielding Mesh)

EMF shielding fabric can also come as a mesh material, which will come in a roll or a bolt of fabric.

These fabrics are best if you want to create an enclosure or canopy over a bed or an outside area. This is also the type of EMF blocking material (how these materials block EMF) you would want to make curtains, screens, or other window coverings since it lets some light through the thinner material.

You will find that mesh electro magnetic fields shielding material is the most breathable material; some EMF fabrics are thick and can be challenging to cut, but the mesh should not give you nearly as many problems. However, sometimes, thicker fabrics are better since the edges are less likely to fringe. Don’t forget that using EMF resistant shoes can provide a lot of good effects to our health.

Conductive Electromagnetic Shielding Fabric

Some shielding fabrics are highly conductive. Most fabrics are already conductive, but ones that are labeled as such are usually copper or nickel-copper. This makes it highly conductive. You can also find RF shielding/electric fields shielding nickel-copper-cobalt tape to use with the fabric.

Conductive EMF shielding material typically comes in a large roll of fabric or smaller pre-cut pieces of varying sizes.

The Best Electromagnetic Shielding Fabric and Blankets

If you’re interested in shielding yourself from electromagnetic radiation, consider purchasing a product to protect yourself. These are the best options on the market today.

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection BlanketBest Blanket

TitanRF Faraday EMI and RFID Shielding Mesh Fabric Military GradeBest Fabric

Conductive Earthing Copper Nickel Fabric for Smart Meter RF Blocking

Faraday Fabric – EMI RFID Shielding Mesh Fabric Earth Grounding

Soft Metallic Copper Fabric Preventing from RFID and Reducing EMF Identity Theft Blocker for Your Wallet Phone or Laptop

Copper Fabric Blocking RFID/RF-Reduce EMF/EMI Protection Conductive Fabric

Non-Toxic Nano Silver Fiber Mesh Fabric Shielding Your Environment

EMF Shielding Fabric Blankets for Pregnancy

Children are just as exposed to the EMF and RF radiation that comes from today’s technology. You may not think it because infants and children do not use cell phones, but all it takes is for them to be around it.

You can look for special clothing for maternity if incase you can’t avoid radiations. These block EMF radiations and its harmful affects too. For easy relaxation and sunbathing, we can go for EMF resistant beanies and hats.

Even Wi-Fi, microwaves, and other devices in your house can add to the overall level of radiation that can mitigate shielding.

Much cause for concern has come from this, and this generation’s parents have increasing started to worry about what is being exposed to their children. These worries are warranted.

According to the National Cancer Institute, numerous epidemiological studies have evaluated possible connections between exposure to non-ionizing radiation and the risk of cancer in children ages twelve to fourteen.

One of these studies was a 1993 Swedish epidemiological study that reported increased leukemia for children exposed to levels of 2.0mG EMF or more.

Currently, there is no definitive evidence that electromagnetic radiation causes cancer, but there are many existing cases that show reason to believe that EMF radiation, magnetic fields, and electric fields could be the cause of leukemia and brain tumors.

The epidemiological studies also increase concerns; although, the evidence and medical cases have not been consistent, so there is no way to say for sure, but it is enough to make a parent worry.

There are several great radiation blocking blankets that you can use when pregnant. Below, you can see a few options for these types of blankets. Hand or machine washable might come in handy for these blankets.

DefenderShield EMF Radiation Protection Blanket

Protective Belly Pregnancy Baby Blanket Anti-Radiation (Check it out on Amazon)

How to Choose an EMF Shielding Fabric

When it comes to choosing an EMF blocking material, consider the following variables:

  • Thickness
  • Conductivity
  • Type of metal
  • Machine washable for blankets
  • Type of material
  • Military-grade?
  • If in a roll or bolt: dimensions are important
  • Effectiveness (1 ghz – 10ghz)
  • If in a pre-constructed product: how is the electric field shielding incorporated?

All of these are huge determining factors in which radiation blocking material you buy. Since there are so many different uses for this type of material, you must ponder what your essential needs are and how some of these variables in the list will affect your desired result.

Of course, the price could be a determining factor as well since some rolls of are in the hundreds of dollars.

However, there are numerous options that are budget friendly and effective.

How Well Does EMF Shielding Fabric Protect You?

Before you potentially become dissatisfied with the effectiveness of your new piece of material (or radiation shielding product), read up on everything you can on that brand and type of material.

Not all anti-radiation fabrics protect against every type of radiation. Some fabrics are solely for RF (radiofrequency) radiation, while others are for magnetic field, EMI and RFID, and even other fabrics are for everything.

If you use the protection material as sheets on a bed, many people say that it cannot protect you from radiation unless your skin is in physical contact with the protective fabric. If that becomes a concern of yours, read up on the reviews of previous customers (if there are any), and familiarize yourself with the technical properties of the material.


These fabrics can be very useful for protecting you from the harmful levels of radiation that today’s technology has begun to bring about. Most of these types of radiation are not proven to be harmful, but they are certainly on the rise to become something more dangerous.

Ever since the release of 5G networking in 2018, people have begun to worry more and more about the effects of radiation since it is increasing.

You can integrate these fabrics into many aspects of your daily life. You can even use it as sheets on the bed where you sleep at night. And, if you want to get even more creative, there are tons of options for rolls of EMF shielding fabrics that are not pre-cut.

To find the shielding material, decide how thick you want the material to be and how breathable. Some fabrics are a mesh-like material, so that could be your best option for creating a canopy, which is a great idea for overall protection at night or while sitting in bed with your laptop (even though your computer creates its own radiation).

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