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A simple hair mineral analysis test is an amazing way to see some of the main issues why you may be suffering from an over-sensitivity from electro-magnetic frequencies. 

What is a HTMA?

HTMA stands for Hair Mineral Analysis. Hair Mineral Analysis is a non-invasive test that tests the mineral content of the hair. 

By testing this we can see at a deep level some of the main reasons why a person is suffering from EMF sensitivity.

We’ve tested 1000’s of HTMA samples and have found common trends, mineral deficiencies and excesses, patterns and more that are connected to people with EMF sensivity. 

The good news is, once we know the reasons WHY people are over-sensitive, we can generate healing programs to tackle the underlying reasons why people are over-sensitive to EMFs

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what can we Test For?

Adrenal burnout

Many people with EMF sensitivity suffer from adrenal burnout or adrenal insufficiency. Improving the adrenal strength dramatically helps with EMF sensitivity. By using the HTMA we can see exactly how "burned" out a person is.

Heavy metal toxicity

We are constantly bombarded with toxins and heavy metals in todays world. We can see heavy metal toxicity on HTMAs. Especially metals that conduct electricity well, we find to be high in people who suffer from EMF sensitivity.

Copper imbalances

Copper is an essential trace element in the body. However it can easily get out of balance. Especially if the adrenal glands are weak. Copper is highly conductive, and we find the vast majority of the time people suffer from some form of copper imbalance contributing to EMF sensitivity.

Imbalances with the electrical minerals, sodium & potassium

Sodium and potassium are the electrical minerals within the body. They charge the cells, we find that many people have imbalances of these minerals. Especially if the sodium/potassium ratio is low, this tends to cause increases in EMF sensitivity.

Aluminium overload

On most HTMA tests we see high aluminum. Aluminum is a highly conductive metal. When aluminum is high within the body it can literally turn people into an antenna for EMFs.

Congested eliminatory organs

Many people suffer from congested detox pathways. Especially some liver congestion. When the liver is not functioning correctly we find problem metals and minerals are not removed from the body efficiently, contributing to EMF sensitivity.,

What is the solution?

So how do we tackle eMF sensitivity?


Through a HTMA we can see things like metabolic rate and mineral defficiencies, from this we can tailor a custom diet plan to tackle any nourshment issues that may arise from an incorrect diet.


Hydration is essential, there are specific types of water that can make a person worse, and others that heal and remineralize the body. Correct hydration is essential for EMF sensitivity.

Detoxification protocols

Looking at your HTMA we are able to give advice on proper detoxification protocols to remove many of the heavy metals that are likely causing problems. This may be the single most important factor in overcoming EMF sensitivity.

Lifestyle changes

Looking at a HTMA we are able to see whether a person is suffering from various lifestyle stressors. Many people are "too-busy". In order to heal deeply important lifestyle changes are often needed. The beauty of HTMA is we can see people who are showing various levels of lifestyle stress.


Mindfulness and an increase of the "monkey-mind" thinking can often contribute to burnout and mineral malnourishment. Through a HTMA test we can see those who are in what we call "sympathetic dominance" this is a pattern which is indicative of someone who overthinks too much and would benefit from a powerful type of mindfulness we recommend.

Other important protocols

According to the test we may suggest other very important healing practices such as chiropractic care, posture work, breathing techniques, gentle body work and others!

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