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Best Smart Meter Shield (Top 2 Options to Protect from Smart Meter Radiation in 2021). Want to know how to block smart meter radiation?

Last modified on September 18, 2021

If you’re concerned about the high levels of EMF radiation emitted from your smart meter, you’re not alone. Smart radiation levels can be as high and they transmit pulses of electric radiation all day every day. 

What’s worse is you usually don’t have a choice. Your utility company likely installed a smart meter without asking.

The good news is there are ways to protect you and your family from smart meter radiation. We’re going to review the information and provide some recommendations in this article. 

Smart Meter
Covers RF
up to 98%/

Smart Meter Shield
Smart Meter
EMF Shield
up to 98%/

In a hurry? Here’s your best bet:

The Smart Meter Cover provides 98% EMF protection, it’s easy to install, and made of high quality stainless steel.

What are Smart Meters?

Smart meters are attached to your house and measure your energy usage. Someone from the utility company used to come to your house and manually check usage so they knew how much to bill you. Now, instead of a person coming out to check your usage manually, a smart meter will send the information back to the utility company by wireless signal (radiofrequency/microwave radiation signal).

As mentioned, smart meters are not usually optional. The utility company will come out and install it whether you agree to it or not. 

I called my electric company and they said if I don’t want the smart meter, I’d have to pay $50 per month. Thanks, a lot. 

Enter smart meter protection to shield against the RF radiation my family’s being exposed to. 

How Do You Shield Against a Smart Meter?

Though you may not have a lot of say when it comes to having a smart meter, there are measures you can take to protect your household from smart meter radiation. 

First, a smart meter cover will shield from RF radiation around the sides and front of the smart meter (likely pointing outward, or away from your house). 

But remember, the radiation from these meters is pulsed out at 360 degrees. 

Mock up image of one side of an exterior wall with a smart meter and the inside of the wall depicting radiation form the smart meter on the other side of the wall

This means you’ll have to block the radiation on the inside of your house where the meter is attached. 

So you’re going to need two means of protection: smart meter cover or shield and a blocking material on the opposite side of the wall. 

I’ll tell you about the best smart meter covers in detail next but here are a couple of options for protecting on the opposite side of your wall.

1. Shielding Fabric

One way to shield smart meter radiation on its backside (and inside your house) is by using a shielding fabric. 

Of course, draping fabric on your wall might not be the most attractive option. So, you can place it on the inside of a picture frame and hang a picture on the backside of where the smart meter is attached. 

This faraday fabric on Amazon comes in multiples sizes and is a good option for shielding against smart meters. You can fold or cut it to fit inside the frame. Even better, fold it over a couple of times if there’s enough depth in the frame to support it. 

2. EMF Shield Paint

A simple solution is to paint the wall it’s connected to. 

You don’t have to stop at just that part of the wall either. This EMF shield paint will block radiation from many other RF/microwave radiation sources. 

This EMF shield paint contains no toxic solvents, plasticizers or any toxic ingredients. 

If you want to paint the entire room, Amazon sells a 5-liter bucket (covers 405 sq feet). If you’re just painting behind the smart meter, they sell a smaller 1-liter bottle as well (covers 81 sq feet). 

Make sure to ground the paint properly and read the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Best Smart Meter Shield 

We covered protecting the back of the smart meter. Now let’s discuss the best meter cover to complete the 360-degree emf protection from smart meters.

1. Smart Meter Covers – Smart Meter Cover RF Radiation Shield

Smart Meter Covers makes a high-quality stainless steel smart meter cover that is easy to install and provides good EMF protection. It blocks 98% of EMF radiation from smart meters. 

This cover is 7 inches in diameter at the base. Measure your smart meter to be sure it will fit before purchasing the cover. The smart meter cover simply slides over the protective glass/plastic covering the smart meter. 

Given the effectiveness, ease of installation, and high-quality stainless steel construction, this is my top smart meter radiation shield.

2. Smart Meter EMF Shield Cover

The next best option in smart meter EMF protection is this USA made smart meter EMF shield cover on 

This shield uses Faraday cage technology to block 98% of the radiation from smart meters. This guard is also made of high-quality stainless steel. The company notes it fits all smart meters in the US and Canada. The 7.25-inch diameter meter would fit over my smart meter but measure yours first to verify before purchase. 

Both are great smart meter shield options that effectively block unnecessary radiation. I have the this as my second choice simply because the Smart Meter Covers shield is a better value. 

DIY Smart Meter Shield

Of course the ultimate in good value is making your own guard. 

As we’ve discussed, smart meters emit 360-degree radiation. Assuming you’ve protected your interior wall (as described above), your DIY meter shield will need to completely cover the glass/plastic cover over the meter. 

Please be very careful to not break, crack or remove the smart meter or the glass/plastic smart meter cover. You want to shield the meter, not break it. 

Method #1 – Aluminum Screen Faraday Cage

This DIY meter shield resulted in a 96% EF radiation reduction. This is pretty straightforward and cost-effective but you will need to have a couple of tools on hand (or have access to them). 

You’ll need a jigsaw to cut the ring template and a miter saw (or a hack saw will do) to cut the flat bar aluminum. Otherwise, some aluminum mesh screen, clamp, and epoxy and you’re on your way.

Pretty straightforward and effective protection against radiation from these meters. 

Method #2 – Bubble Wrap Insulation 

This is a very simple, portable smart meter shield. It has the added bonus of being portable. If you’re traveling and staying with family, friends, or even a vacation rental house, bring this meter shield along for the right. Simply slide it over the smart meter when you arrive. 

This DIY smart meter shield is tested on three different meters in the video and shows significant attenuation – 1/10 of the EF radiation levels after installation. 

Answering Some FAQs

Do Smart Meter Shields Really Work?


Assuming you’d like to block radiation from these meters, they really work. You can see in the DIY smart meter shield videos that they really work. And those are simply aluminum and bubble wrap insulation. 

If you decide to pay for one, you’re getting high-quality, stainless steel mesh that can survive many weather conditions and effectively block radiation in your home. 

The best way to test the effectiveness is to use a high-quality EMF meter on your own. If you’re not happy with the smart meter shield, you can always send it back if the packaging is in good condition (and the smart meter shield too, of course). 

Is Smart Meter Protection Illegal?


What you do not want to do is break the security seal. Also, be very careful to not break, crack or damage in any way the glass/plastic casing. If you’re simply installing a cover or guard as we’ve discussed in this article, you’re not doing anything illegal. You’re only protecting you and your family from unnecessary radiation exposure. 

Can I Opt-Out of Having a Smart Meter?

Some states do have opt-out laws. Here’s a list as of February 2020:

  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Ohio
  • Maryland
  • Texas
  • California

If you live in one of those states, you may be in luck. Other states do have different policies that are definitely worth looking in to. Read more on the National Conference of State Legislatures page. 

Of course, if you’re one of the unlucky residents of a state without an opt-out law (like me), hopefully, some of the resources in this article have helped you out. 

Reducing EMF Radiation Exposure From Other Sources

Don’t forget, radiation has a cumulative effect. Meaning, it blocking it from many sources helps. My site has many useful resources from what’s a safe distance from a Wifi router to what is a safe cell phone distance from a baby. I’ve done a ton of research on EMF radiation – its dangers and ways to mitigate them. I hope you’ll stick around and if you like what you see, please share the information with someone you care about. 

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