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Best Laptop Radiation Shields – (TOP 6 Options for EMF Radiation Protection for Laptops – 2022 Edition)

Laptop radiation has been a big concern of mine for some time. It was actually my first “ah ha” moment when I was working on a laptop on my lap. I thought, I wonder if this could be harmful? That was a long time ago and since then I’ve done a lot of research on laptop radiation (and a related concern – wifi).

In this article, we’ll explore a way to mitigate the health effects and dangers of laptop EMF radiation and heat and check out the best of the best laptop EMF radiation shields.

Laptop Radiation ShieldRadiation Blocked
DefenderShield Laptop EMF Radiation Protection and Safety Sleeve99% RF & ELF
SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation 15-16″ Laptop Case99% RF / 92% ELF
SYB Laptop Pad, EMF Radiation Protection92% RF / 92% ELF
DefenderShield DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation + Heat Shield99% RF & ELF
EMRSS ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray"almost all"
HARApad Edge Laptop EMF Shield – with Multi-Directional Shielding Technologynot stated

In a hurry? This is the BEST Laptop Radiation Shield:

The DefenderShield Laptop EMF Radiation Protection and Safety Sleeve not only provides protection from laptop EMF radiation and effectively blocks radiation heat but is a very high quality, carrying case. Slide your laptop in the case for all day EMF protection then set your laptop on top of it and it becomes a very effective radiation and heat shield.

  • Blocks up to 99% of EMF, RF, and ELF radiation (including 5G)
  • Nice looking and comes in two sizes – small and large
  • Also a sleeve for safe storage when your laptop isn’t in use
  • Lightweight and slim

Important Features When Choosing a Laptop Radiation Shield


The goal of the laptop shield is to protect you from radiation – if what you’re buying amounts of a piece of plastic, then you’re wasting your time, money AND leaving yourself exposed.

Ease of use

A laptop radiation shield shouldn’t need assembly or complicated positioning to work. Further, it shouldn’t block your laptop’s heat vents, either. It needs to be compact, light enough to carry with you and not cumbersome. 


A good radiation shield will travel well, both because it fits in your laptop bag and because it shouldn’t weigh much at all. You could protect yourself with a piece of granite but you wouldn’t – you don’t want a laptop radiation heat shield that weighs a ton, either.


We’re not buying a new laptop or even hardware – this is a literal shield, protecting you from LF and EMF radiation and heat. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, but at the same time you want something that is built well, and price often reflects the quality.


The materials required to effectively block radiation will also create a durable product.

Aluminum, ceramic, steel and silicone are all great EMF blockers that confer a high amount of structural integrity to the product. The best shields use these matierials to block EMF radiation.

Customer reviews

While educating yourself and choosing is a good path to take, reading real customer reviews can get you moving in the right direction.

The Best Laptop Radiation Shield – an in-depth guide

1. DefenderShield Laptop Sleeve Case with 5G Protection – The Best Overall Laptop Radiation Shield

DefenderShield has created an innovative, lightweight EMF solution for your laptop. Built from high-quality material, the Laptop case is extremely functional, both as a protection against 100% of EMF and 5G radiation and as a protective sleeve for your laptop itself. The internal cushioning protects your laptop from bumps and bangs while in transit and also makes for a comfortable surface to rest on your lap while you work. 

The main selling points of this product are the fact that it doubles as a sleeve to protect your laptop, and that it’s 5G ready, blocking out up to 100% of 5G associated EMFs. With the move from 4G towers over this year, it’s imperative to be ready for 5G signals in your area and the effects they might bring. Being a laptop protection sleeve as well is a big benefit; extra functionality is always nice.

DefenderShield products are also engineered to be highly portable, which many laptop shields are not quite so flexible in that area. This means you can take it to work, college classes or on road trips without having to worry about a bulky, heavy radiation shield.

DefenderShield Laptop Sleeve at a glance:


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Highly durable, yet still cushioned and soft
  • Protects against up to 99% of 5G radiation and EMF
  • Doubles as a protective sleeve for your laptop’
  • 2 sizes – small and large


  • The price point on this product is somewhat high, though it is likely worth the cost
  • It does not protect against laptop heat as effectively as the other DefenderShield products – it effectively sacrifices thermal protection for portability and other functionality.

To learn more about the DefendShield EMF Radiation Protection Sleeve, check out the video below:

2. SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti Radiation 15-16″ Laptop Case

SafesSleeve anti-radiation case is a beautiful combination of a highly effective radiation shield and functional workstation. It provides EMF radiation and heat radiation protection while doubling as a protective, impact-resistant case for your device. Additionally, it has a built-in mouse pad and works from either side, providing protection and functionality.

The design of the SafeSleeve is highly resistant to damage, with a hard exterior to resist impact and a padded interior to protect your device from referred shockwaves. The EMF protection provided by the SafeSleeve blocks 99% of radiofrequency radiation and 92% of low-frequency radiation from entering your body. The design allows air to move between your laptop, the shield and you, reducing exposure to thermal radiation as well.

SafeSleeve EMF Protection Case at a glance:


  • Highly protective against the majority of EMF from consumer digital devices
  • Built-in mouse pad
  • Functional from both sides, meaning the additional mousepad works great for left-handed users as well
  • Sturdy case protects your device from being bounced around or impacted
  • The price point is lower than most other comparable products
  • One of the nicest looking options on the market


  • It only fits products up to 16″, so for larger-screened laptops, it won’t be large enough.

Check out this demo of the product:

3. SYB Laptop Pad, EMF Radiation Protection

One of the thinnest EMF radiation protection devices on the market, the SYB Laptop Pad is lightweight yet incredibly sturdy. SYB offers 14″ and 17″ designs, blocking EMF and heat to your body without a bulky, cumbersome setup. Made of steel with an alloy that conducts heat away from it, this shield protects you from EMFs while still allowing your computer to function properly. 

The design of this product is highly durable, ferromagnetic steel and the outer alloy prevents heat from building up in your laptop. This design is critical because some radiation shields protect well, but can cause your system to overheat. Additionally, the system does not prevent Bluetooth or wifi from reaching your tablet, only from getting to you.

External to the interior metal core, the SYB Laptop pad is wrapped in tear-resistant vinyl, which is comfortable, slip-resistant, and easy to clean with just a damp cloth. The exterior does not prevent the SYB Pad from sinking heat away from your device, either.

SYB Laptop Pad at a glance:


  • The SYB Laptop Pad is durably constructed with an additional layer of tear-resistant, easily cleaned vinyl on the outside
  • The exterior is slip-resistant, so you don’t accidentally send your laptop sailing towards the floor
  • Protects against heat and EMF radiation
  • Lightweight and comes in two sizes, fitting almost all laptops, tablets and other digital devices
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty, indicative of SYB’s faith in the quality of their products


  • The price point is somewhat higher than many other comparable products
  • No indication of its specific ability to deal with 5G, though there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t function to deal with those frequencies
  • This one might not be asthetically pleasing to you

Check out the product in action below:

4. DefenderShield DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation + Heat Shield

DefenderPad protects against nearly the entire spectrum of 5G and thermal heat. The shield itself is large enough to support almost any device but lightweight and portable. Built to be effective against all forms of laptop or device EMFs, the DefenderPad sacrifices no portability or accessibility in its defense of your body.

DefenderPad is made of durable materials that are calibrated to protection against 0-10Ghz frequencies, which covers nearly the entire spectrum of 5G data. As 5G becomes more common, having a shield that is tested and designed with this type of EMFs in mind will become far more important.

The exterior is non-slip, keeping your laptop or tablet right where you want it, which is important as many radiation shields are effective at protection but offer no grip to their surface.

Finally, the DefenderPad Laptop EMF Shield also protects against laptop heat, where the sleeve we wrote about earlier does not. So while this one doesn’t have the same convenient laptop storage, you can be secure in its ability to protect you.

DefenderPad Laptop pad at a glance:


  • Highly effective at preventing low frequency and heat from reaching your body
  • Strong, durable materials on this one make this a quality product with a lifelong guarantee
  • The anti-slip coating prevents laptops and tablets from taking tumbles
  • FCC-certified, lab-tested construction protects against 0-10Ghz frequencies, nearly the entire range of 5G technology
  • 3 color options


  • Not designed for comfort, its flat, metal surface can be awkward on your lap; though the company sells an add-on pillow to make it more comfortable (which also can be seen as a negative)
  • Price is somewhat high, as although it protects well, other products also offer great protection with comfort or functionality features included

Check out these product demonstrations below:

5. EMRSS ProShield Radiation Free Laptop Tray

The EMRSS ProShield tray is designed with military-grade anti-radiation technology. This reduces radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation to virtually zero, safely bouncing it back away from your body.

The lightweight design of the laptop tray provides a stable work surface that you can take anywhere. While the tray prevents heat from reaching your body, it sinks it harmlessly away from your device as well. This means that while it’s protecting you, it’s also not causing your laptop or tablet to overheat.

EMRSS ProShield at a glance:


  • This one offers military-grade protection means your body is safe from virtually all forms of radiation commonly emitted by digital devices
  • Sinks the heat from your laptop without harming you or the computer
  • Lightweight and portable, and highly durable\
  • Extremely affordable


  • “Universal” size of 14″ might not be large enough for many laptops. Though the company states they have a larger, 19″ size, it’s slightly more expensive
  • It has no additional features or benefits, whereas many other similar products offer a range of added benefits
  • There is no listed rating on how this product fares with 5G frequencies

6. HARApad Edge Laptop EMF Shield – with Multi-Directional Shielding Technology – Best Large Laptop Radiation Shield

The HARApad Edge is an entirely different type of shielding product. While the majority of other laptop pads protect your body underneath the computer, the HARApad actually has shielding on the front as well, contouring to the shape of your laptop and minimizing exposure to your abdomen and chest. 

While the protection conferred from these front panels isn’t 100%, the innovative design does provide a higher degree of overall shielding than most other products.

HARApad Edge at a glance:


  • The utterly unique design offers front-facing protection for your body where other products only protect the parts directly underneath of them
  • Includes additional shims that can adjust the space between your laptop and the protection shield, making it contour potentially perfectly to your computer
  • Variable positioning allows for a space to use your mouse as well


  • The HARApad is quite a bit more expensive than comparable products
  • There is no mention of how much it can protect, especially regarding thermal radiation
  • At 3lbs, it’s definitely on the heavier side of the spectrum for these products 

What is Laptop Radiation?

Laptops might not emit the kind of strength an x-ray uses, but they still do release multiple types. Some studies indicate health concerns from longterm exposure to even these lesser types, and considering we are exposed to them constantly, the concern is very valid.

Radio Frequency (RF)

RF radiation is emitted by the wifi antenna in your laptop and allows you to connect remotely to the internet and other devices. These frequencies are usually between 2GHz and 5GHz and pass easily through body tissues.

Extremely Low Frequency

Extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation comes from the electronic components of your laptop; not the connectivity to wifi but the general operation of your computer, these electromagnetic frequencies are present in all electronic devices, in higher amounts in some than others.

Thermal Radiation

Thermal radiation comes from the heat produced while your laptop is functioning. This has the highest potential for immediate damage because laptops can get incredibly hot and need to vent that heat to prevent damage to themselves. Laptop radiation heat is often vented directly into your lap and lower abdomen.

Health Effects of Laptop Radiation and Heat

Some studies have indicated potential health hazards of longterm exposure to the low-grade laptop radiation heat produced by tablets and laptops.

Radio Frequency (RF) & Extremely Low-Frequency Radiation

Male infertility

The constant use of these devices lowers sperm count, morphology and motility. For people trying to conceive, a change in any one of these factors can prevent pregnancy.

Possibly carcinogenic

The World Health Organization studied the effects of repeated exposure to RF and EF radiation, due to an increase in acoustic gliomas in the brain that corresponded to the increase in cell phone and wifi use.

Certain cancers

Studies indicate that certain types of cancer – particularly types of brain cancer – can be influenced by the amount of exposure to these low-frequency radiations.

Thermal Radiation

Thermal radiation is the most directly observable type of damage from laptop emissions.


Specifically thigh burns, damage from heat exhausts on laptops is the most common cause of laptop-associated damage. This is also difficult to protect against without interfering with the laptop’s ability to cool itself

Specific Concerns for Children

Children’s smaller bodies are going to be exposed to more radiation in a shorter period than adults’ bodies. Coupled with the fact that much of children’s school work and leisure time is done online in tablet or laptop form and you have an abundance of exposure to various radiations.

How can I protect myself from laptop radiation?

Laptop shield

The specific benefits of these products are covered in detail earlier in the article, but they are specifically designed to harmlessly bounce radiation away from the body while keeping your laptop’s functionality in check.

The best laptop radiation heat shield will protect you from the dangers of heat.


Use your laptop on a table or other surface as far from you as is comfortable to lower your exposure to EMF.

Turn off when not in use

Electronics only emit EMFs when they’re plugged in for the most part, and if your device isn’t on, it’s not connected to wifi, either. This is really the best option for blocking EMFs and heat from your laptop but of course, sometime you have to use it!

Ethernet instead of wifi

Going old school and directly connecting to your modem with a cable prevents all radiofrequency radiation.

Don’t use a pillow as a buffer

Pillows and other improvised “protection” might be a nice pad will not reduce EMF radiation or shield you from heat.


How Does a Laptop Shield Work?

A laptop radiation shield is designed to block radiation emitted from your device, sending it harmlessly away from you rather than into your body.

Additionally, the best laptop radiation heat shield will be made of steel and aluminum, both of which act as fantastic heat sinks, keeping your computer from overheating. This, while safely negating the thermal effects before it hits your body.

Will a pillow block laptop radiation?

Nope and neither will a book, cutting board, prescription glasses or gloves.

It’s a nice laptop pad but unless you’re using material specifically designed to block EMFs, you’re still getting a full dose of laptop EMF.

Invest in protection

Keeping yourself and your family safe from laptop radiation is fairly simple and doesn’t even need to affect how you use your device. A few small changes in the way you use your device and protect yourself are key. Even though the amount of EMF radiation you’re mitigating is in small amounts, over time it adds up to a tremendous amount that’s offset. Small steps, small changes, one big difference.

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