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Ultimate Guide To The Best Cell Phone Radiation Protection (6 BEST Anti-Radiation Phone Cases – 2022)

I’ve written many articles about cell phone radiation and its negative health effects. Using a high quality phone case for radiation protection is almost always a recommendation. So in this article, we’re going to dig into the options.

Blocked RadiationLab Tested?StylesGet Current Price
DefenderShield Cell Phone CasesBlocks 99.99% RF & 98.25% ELF YesCase
SafeSleeve Radiation Protection Cell Phone CasesBlock 99% RF & 92% ELFYesCase
SYB PouchBlocks 99.9% EMFsYesPouch
RadiArmor Anti Radiation Case & SleeveBlocks 91-96% EMFsNo infoCase & Sleeve
Gadget Guard Anti Radiation CaseBlocks up to 75% RFNo infoCase
HARApad Cell Phone Sleep ShieldBlocks up to 75% EMFsNo infoShield

In a hurry? This is the BEST EMF Protection Cell Phone Case


DefenderShield EMF Protection Cell Phone Cases

Blocks 99.9% of RF radiation and 98.25% of ELF radiation (independently tested)

Wide range of cell phone case models for all the latest phones

Leader in the EMF protection industry

Amazon DefenderShield

Important Features When Choosing Cell Phone Radiation Protection

In order to best protect yourself from cell phone radiation, you have to look for cases, pouches, and other EMF shields with the following features. 

EMF Protection Effectiveness

Cell phones emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies nearly constantly while they are turned on. Direct exposure occurs not only as you use the phone to make calls and text, but also when simply holding it in your pocket. 

For that reason, it is important to find a cell phone radiation shield that blocks a high percentage of the radiation at all times. Most quality cases block at least 75% of the radio waves emitted by the phone. Many go beyond blocking radio frequency waves to protecting from exposure to extremely low frequency, or ELF, radiation as well. 

To make sure your phone still functions like normal, the shielding material usually only goes along the backside of the case or pouch. So, when using these cases, you have to be mindful about positioning the effective side against your body. Otherwise, you will not get the protection you seek. 

Tested and Researched

You cannot simply trust manufacturers claims about the effectiveness of their products in blocking EMF radiation. They need to back it up with objective test results, preferably performed by a third-party. 

Ideally, they should offer a full report you can review to see how their products performed across multiple tests. The results should show the exact percentage of protection their products provide to help you reduce your EMF exposure by a meaningful amount. 

Quality & Durability

Your cell phone case, pouch, or shield does you no good if it just falls apart in no time flat. You are equally out of luck if the case does not protect your phone from damage caused by falls and other impacts. So, look for one made from materials that stand up to the test of time and act as a protective layer for your phone itself. 

The most durable phone case materials include:

  • Plastic
  • Synthetic or real leather
  • Neoprene

Of course, to protect against EMF exposure as well, the phone case should include a metallic fabric layer that blocks radio waves. This shielding fabric most often appears as a liner that also helps cushion against harsh impacts. EMF blocking and damage protection in one!


EMF protection cell phone covers should not cost much more than normal phone case designs. The slightly higher price point covers the extra shielding material that blocks radiofrequency, or RF, waves.

Expect to pay around $25 to $80, depending on your phone model and size. The material matters, too, with leather cases coming in at the higher end of the price range. 

Customer Service & Reputable Company

A record of excellence can go a long way in providing the peace of mind you seek, so go with companies known for offering the highest quality EMF protection products.

These companies often go far beyond cell phone cases to offer clothing, headwear, and other protective items. Also, look for companies that happily back the quality and effectiveness of their products with exceptional customer service. 

If the EMF protection case checks all these boxes, you can rest assured that you’ve found a good one. Then, all you have to do is make sure it is made for your phone model and version to get the best fit. 

Best EMF Protection Cell Phone Cases and Pouches – An In-Depth Guide

You have many excellent EMF protection cell phone cases and pouches to choose from across multiple brands. To learn about the most popular ones on the market today, simply browse through this helpful guide, starting with our top pick:

DefenderShield EMF Protection & Anti-Radiation Blocking Cases

DefenderShield Radiation Blocking Cell Phone Case

With all their activewear, blankets, and everything in between, DefenderShield has long served as the leader in the EMF protection world. And now, they have cell phone cases in their lineup, providing optimal protection as you go about your daily life.

They offer custom cases for all the latest Android and iPhone cell phone models in the versatile wallet style. All their cases are a smart combination of vegan leather and textured rubber, which looks stylish and protects your phone from fall damage.

Their cases feature a tough shielding material that blocks 99.9% of radiofrequency radiation and keeps it from aggravating your atoms. In addition, the shielding keeps 98.25% of ELF radiation moving away from your body at all times.

It even keeps you protected from 5G.

As an added benefit, their innovative shield material keeps RFID readers from scanning your credit cards and collecting your information. 


  • Protects from both RF and ELF radiation 
  • Detachable wallet phone case blocks RFID readers
  • Quality brand name recognition in the industry
  • Supports many different cell phone models
  • Tons of colors to choose from 


  • High prices on newer model phone cases
  • Fewer cases for Samsung phones than SafeSleeve
  • Standard wallet cases only, no sleeve style cases available 

How Does DefenderShield Cell Phone Anti-EMF Radiation Technology Work?

DefenderShield creates their cell phone wallet cases with multiple layers of material along the front cover. Within those layers is an anti radiation fabric that redirects all EMF radiation in the 0 to 10GHz range. As the RF and ELF radiation hits that protective layer, it bounces back in the other direction to stay far from your body. 

To best ensure their products perform as expected, they put them through FCC-certified testing by a third-party. The results showed time and time again that their cases work as claimed. No matter which model you buy, they will keep 99.99% of RF waves and 98.25% of ELF radiation from traveling through the phone and into your body. 

SafeSleeve Radiation Protection Cell Phone Cases (Best for a Range of Samsung Cases)

For true versatility and exceptional protection from EMF radiation, take a peek at the options from SafeSleeve. They have a huge range of radiation protection cases for iPhone and Android phones.

They even have universal cases designed to fit a number of phones they do not yet directly support.

Depending on your phone brand and model, you can choose between full-size wallet case and slim sleeves. Their wallet cases even come in easily detachable styles that let you customize your protection on the go. 

Across all styles, their cases protect you from up to 99% of RF waves and 92% of ELF radiation, including from 5G phones.

The wallet style also features RFID blocking materials that keep your info safe and secure.

All of their cases provide excellent drop protection plus keep your screen from getting dinged and scratched. 

These cases are slightly less EMF blocking than the DefenderShield, which is why it’s my second choice.


  • Blocks 99% of RF waves
  • Shields from 92% of ELF radiation 
  • Features a RFID blocking wallet 
  • Wide variety of case styles
  • Many colors available


  • At the upper end of the price range
  • Free shipping can take around a week
  • Lighter colors can get dirty fast

How Do SafeSleeve Radiation Protection Cases Work?

SafeSleeve only uses FCC certified shielding technology in their cell phone cases — and offer certified lab results to back up their claims. Their lead-free shielding fabric directs EMF radiation away from your body and blocks RFID readers at the same time. 

Wallet cases have the shielding in the front cover, while sleeves are fortified along the back. For either style, they sandwich the shielding material alongside an impact-resistant insert and between a non-slip outer and microfiber liner to prevent damage to your phone. 

Through FCC lab testing, they demonstrate that their phone case blocks up to 99% of RF waves and 92% of ELF radiation plus keep heat to a minimum. Their cases also perform beautifully in Military Grade (Mil-Std 810G) drop testing performed by Rocky Mountain Testing Solutions. With those results, you can trust that their products will protect both you and your cell phone at all times. 

SYB Phone Pouch (Best Basic Case)

If you prefer a basic phone case, but still want some protection from EMF radiation, then the SYB Phone Pouch may fit the bill.

You can simply slide your phone into this neoprene pouch to prevent radiation from reaching your body. The pouch has shielding fabric made of metal mesh on the backside, while the front is unshielded to ensure all your calls and texts come through uninterrupted. 

The shielded side redirects 99.9% of EMF radiation up to 20 gigahertz, including 5G, sending it outward and away from your body.

Like the other options, you do need to pay attention to which side faces your body to ensure the product works right.

You can wear the pouch on your belt loop to make sure it always faces the right way or just check each time you put it in your pocket. 


  • Deflects 99.9% of EMF radiation  
  • Lightweight construction 
  • More affordable than other options
  • Quality materials and stitching
  • Open top allows quick access to your cellphone


  • Offers little drop protection 
  • Does not have a place for cards
  • Only comes in two sizes 

How Does SYB Cell Phone Anti-EMF Radiation Technology Work?

Shield Your Body, or SYB, uses proprietary shielding fabric that directs RF waves in the other direction in an instant. They put the fabric along the back of the phone pouch to keep them from disrupting the normal function of your atoms. As long as you position the pouch correctly, the radiation will continue flowing away from your body all day long. The front remains open to let calls and texts go through, so you never miss a beat while going about your day. 

To confirm that their products offer the claimed level of protection, they perform near-field and far-field lab testing using a signal generator and spectrum analyzer. Their results show that their products block 99.9% of RF radiation across the full range up to and including 20 gigahertz. That’s great EMF blocking there!

RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Case

The RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Case comes in the wallet style for a variety of iPhone models.

The phone case firmly cradles your phone and provides space for your ID and all your cards. It is made from attractive vegan leather in multiple colors and has TPU rubber in the middle to protect from impacts. 

The proprietary shielding material stands right in the way of up to 91% of radio frequency waves.

This keeps them moving away from your body to protect your health and wellbeing all throughout the day.

They shielding fabric also blocks RFID readers from accessing your credit and debit card information wherever you go. 


  • Blocks 91% of radiofrequency waves 
  • Offers RFID protection 
  • Made from durable rubber and vegan leather
  • Comes in many different attractive colors
  • Has a kickstand on the back 


  • No support for Android phones 
  • Claims lab testing but does not provide a report 
  • Lower EMF protection than other cases 

RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Sleeve

If you prefer an anti-radiation cell phone sleeve instead of a phone case, RadiArmor has that, too.

They claim their sleeve blocks between 91 to 96% of EMF waves, keeping them moving away from your system at all times.

Only the back of the sleeve has shielding fabric, however, to let your cellphone signals travel through the front. This keeps your phone working as intended, so you don’t miss any calls, texts, or other correspondence. 

How does RadiArmor Cell Phone Shielding Technology Work?

RadiArmor does not go out of their way to explain how their products work beyond citing their shielding fabric.

All their cases and sleeves have the shielding fabric interwoven in their design to send EMFs away from your body. The fabric supposedly blocks up to 96% of these waves whether you are just carrying the phone or using it to make calls.  

Although they make big claims, they do not back them up with lab reports you can review on your own. You just have to either trust what they say or do your own tests.

They instruct users on how to test their cell phone cases using meters sensitive to both RF and microwave radiation. Until a company can prove EMF radiation exposure reduction with an independent lab test, I won’t be making a top choice.

Gadget Guard Anti-Radiation Case

The Gadget Guard Anti-Radiation Case keeps your cellphone in great condition while offering some protection from EMF radiation. You can find them for a variety of iPhone models but there are none available for Android devices at this time. 

The cases feature a thick rubber material that offers excellent fall protection to keep the screen and case in great condition.

Within the rubber is a layer of anti-radiation material that blocks up to 75% of RF waves from getting through. 


  • Blocks radio waves without impeding phone function 
  • Fits many different iPhone models
  • Durable yet lightweight 
  • Easy to slip onto phone 
  • Low-key appearance 


  • Only blocks up to 75% radiation
  • Does not support Android devices
  • No certified lab results to review

How Does Gadget Guard Cell Phone Technology Work?

While they boast an excellent shopper rating and positive testimonials, Gadget Guard does not have the third-party testing results needed to back up their claims. They also do not explain much about their shielding material nor what frequencies it protects against. 

HARApad Cell Phone Sleep Shield

The HARApad Cell Phone Sleep Shield is a little different from the rest of the options since it is neither a phone case, sleeve, nor pouch. Instead, it is a shield you put your cellphone in at the end of the day. 

As you close the phone in the EMF shield, they claim that three materials inside keep RF and ELF radiation far from you.

These materials direct the radiation away from your bed, just as long as its on a flat surface and separated from your room by a vertical wall. You can still use the alarm clock and other functions as needed. 


  • Serves as a physical shield against radiation
  • Fits all the different types of cellphones
  • Allows phone to still function normally 


  • Only blocks up to 75% of EMF radiation 
  • No third-party lab results 
  • Cannot offer daytime protection while on the go

How Does HARApad Cell Phone Sleep Shield Technology Work? 

To create their sleep shield, they use three separate lead-free and tungsten-free materials to halt EMF radiation in their tracks.

They claim that the materials effectively capture the radiation instead of letting it flow into your airspace. Then, the waves travel through their materials and back into the device to complete its path.

Unfortunately, they do not back up any of their claims with independent lab results. 


What is the Best EMF Protection for Cell Phones?

We recommend the DefenderShield cases since they offer the most protection from radiation and damage.

If you pair your anti-radiation case with an airtube headset, you can keep EMF radiation far from your head, neck, and chest at all times. DefenderShield offers EMF blocking products from blankets to devices like tablets and other RF radiation devices.

Do anti-radiation phone cases work? 

Yes, independent test results show that these phone cases can block up to 99% of RF waves as they move through the air.

Similarly, they can block up to 98.25% of ELF radiation, potentially keeping you safe from both high and low frequency waves. 

These EMF blockers effectively provide a radiation shield to reduce your exposure to harmful EMFs.

How can I protect my phone from radiation? 

In addition to an EMF protector case, other ways to stay safe from radiation include:

  • Keeping your distance is the top way to reduce your exposure
  • Using airtube headsets
  • Turning your phone off when not in use
  • Leaving it in another room while you sleep

Does EMF protection really work?

When manufacturers use the most effective shielding materials in all the right places, EMF protection can really work.

Their third-party testing shows that their proprietary shielding methods block up to 99% of EMF radiation from traveling into your body and agitating your atoms.

Phone radiation does not have to be inevitable when a phone case is used.

Where can I learn more about cell phone EMF radiation exposure?

Glad you asked! I’ve written extensively on cell phone radiation on this site. Check out more articles on various topics like:

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