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Best Airtube Headsets and Headphones (TOP 4 Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones and Headsets – 2022). Radiation Free!

We’ve covered the risk of cell phone radiation through a cell phone radiation list. One of the recommendations is to maintain a safe distance. If there’s any baby in your home then check our article that covered safe distance of a cell Phone from a baby. In this article, we’re going to talk about a very effective way to keep distance between you and your cell phone and how to reduce the radiation you’re exposing yourself to – Air tube Headsets and Headphones!

In this guide, we’ll review what they are, how they work, and provide recommendations on the best airtube headset when you’re ready to reduce radiation from your cell phone.

Even if we have a Bluetooth headset, then let us remind that Bluetooth headphones also radiate. Air tube headphones are suitable substitute for that.

Cord MaterialSound Quality
DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Over-Ear HeadphonesBraided nylon cord infused with copper****

DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Earbud HeadphonesBraided nylon cord infused with copper****

NEW! DefenderShield Kids EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube HeadphonesBraided nylon cord infused with copper****

KINDEN Airtube EarbudsShielded wire***

In a Hurry? Here are the Best Air Tube Headphones on the Market

Not all air tube headphones on the market are created equal — and that is quite apparent when checking out the DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Over-Ear Headphones. These best air tube headsets outperform the rest by far, providing exceptional sound quality and ease of use. Since they fit snugly over the ear, they are very comfortable as well. 

This air tube headset design includes:

  • Built-in hands-free microphone with audio controls
  • Adjustable headpiece for a custom fit
  • Foldable for easy storage inside the protective zipper case
  • Advanced, professional-grade speakers deliver higher fidelity sound

In addition, this air tube headset has a 3.5mm plug that can be used with the majority of smartphones and other audio devices.

While offering all those benefits, these air tube headsets leave harmful EMF radiation out of the equation. They deliver crisp, clear tones through an air-filled hollow tube, reducing the amount of wires needed in their design. The electrical wires, going from the bottom of the air tubes have copper-infused shielding from beginning to end.

Their upgraded design does not have magnets either. As a result, they do not emit strong electromagnetic fields next to the head, neck, or chest.  These are just another great product delivered by DefenderShield to provide EMF protection. More on the best air tube headsets further in this article.

What is an Air Tube Headset?

Across all brands and models, an air tube headset works without wires going directly to the ear tip, keeping electromagnetic radiation exposure to a minimum. Instead of using wires to deliver sound directly to the headset, they use a hollow tube filled with air. These tubes extend from the earphone tips to near the collarbone, then connect to wires shielded in copper-infused braided nylon cord. 

An air tube headset connects to smartphones and other devices using a 3.5mm plug. The device sends sound signals through the jack, which travels up the shielded wires to the bottom of the air tube. The sound waves bounce off the inner walls of the tube, traveling through the air and into the speakers near the earphone tips.   

The precise design of the air tube headset allows the sound to travel without degrading or distorting. Their sound quality is similar to the average traditional wired earbuds as a result. The crystal clear tones accurately reflect the notes played by the device, providing an exceptional listening experience. In fact, when compared to the average headset on the market today, many find that the air tube technology enhances the tones by adding body and vibrance to every note. 

Like a traditional headset, an air tube headset has built-in microphones that can deliver sound back to the device. This allows you to use the headset to take phone calls and issue voice commands to the smartphone. By eliminating the need to bring the phone up to your face, they help decrease EMF radiation exposure even more. 

Depending on the model, the air tube headset may also have earphone tips in a small, medium, and large sizes. This allows for a customizable fit that stays put during exercise and other high-intensity activities. Many also have ear hooks and clips that greatly improve their stability, giving you confidence they will stay in place all day long. 

Why Should You Use an Air Tube Headset? 

Traditional wired headsets use wires to deliver sound from a cellphone or other device to the speakers in the ear tip. The wires run right along the side of the neck and head, often without any protective shielding to speak of. To effectively transform the electric signals into sound waves, the headsets use magnets in the earbuds. Many also have magnets along the outside to clip the ear tips together when not in use.

As a result of all the wiring and magnets in their design, traditional headphones and earbuds expose the head, neck, and rest of the body to low-frequency electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. These fields emit non-ionizing radiation, which is also referred to as radiofrequency radiation. This type of radiation energizes the atoms in the brain and body, slowly causing oxidation and damage to the cells. 

Many studies link that damage back to a wide range of medical conditions, including brain tumors. In fact, the incidence of a certain type of brain tumor, called glioblastoma multiforme, has increased by more than double from 1995 to 2015. In that same time period, people have started using cellphones and wireless devices much more frequently, pointing to a possible connection. 

Other health problems are on the rise as well, including: 

  • Impaired memory
  • Sleep disorders
  • ADHD
  • Hearing loss
  • Headaches
  • Thyroid malfunction 

Many studies link these issues to EMF radiation emitted by cellphones and wireless devices, including a headset. By using an air tube headset instead, you can reduce your risk while still getting to enjoy your music, podcasts, and more on the go. 

Drawbacks to Consider

Although an air tube headset can perform as well as the average traditional headset, their sound quality isn’t usually as good as wired headphones. The noise-canceling models, in particular, provide truly rich treble, mid-range, and bass tones, outperforming air tube earphones.

Air tube earphones are not as durable as their wired counterparts either since the rubber tube can break with normal use. Using the clip can help decrease stress on the tube, but over time it becomes more prone to breakage, especially when exposed to heat and sunlight over extended periods. 

The reduction in EMF exposure makes an air tube headset well worth dealing with these drawbacks, however. Many people quickly get used to the change in sound quality and find they only have to buy a replacement headset a bit more often than normal. 

The Best Air Tube Headsets and Headphones

Since air tube headsets and headphones differ quite a bit, it makes sense to find out which are ahead of the pack. That way, when you go to invest in this air tube headset upgrade, you can treat yourself to the very best on the market today. 

1. DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Over-Ear Headphones

The DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Over-Ear Headphones deliver the best audio available in this list. The sound was developed by audio engineering specialists and delivers advanced, professional-grade speakers deliver higher fidelity sound.

These radiation-free headphones work by delivering crystal clear sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires. A braided nylon cord is infused with copper for additional protection from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation. Also, aluminum speakers eliminate RF frequencies.

These high end headphones are foldable and come with a protective zipper case.


  • Highest quality sound on the air tube head phone market
  • Quality construction
  • Comfortable over-ear design
  • Foldable for convenience and storage
  • Zipper storage bag
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • High price point

2. DefenderShield EMF RadiationFree Air Tube Stereo Earbud Headphones

The DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Stereo Headphones are the next best option due to their robust construction, great sound quality, and ease of use. In addition to using hollow tubes to deliver sound, these headphones work without magnets. This greatly reduces EMF exposure around the head and neck, helping decrease the risk of health complications from radiation. 

If you prefer in-ear earbuds, these are your top choice.

This air tube headset instantly connects to smartphones and other devices using a 3.5mm plug. They deliver sound through copper-shielded wiring that attaches to hollow air-filled tubes. This allows music to come through the air tube headsets true to the recording, providing the full range of bass, mids, and treble. They are great for listening to songs, catching up on your favorite podcasts, and breezing through engaging audio books. Since they have a high-quality hands-free microphone attached, they also allow you to make calls and stay in touch with your social circle. 

With their hooks and clips, these air tube headsets were built to stay put through hours of exercise and other high-intensity activities. The included small, medium, and large ear tips allow you to customize the fit to keep them in place even better. You can then go about your day with confidence that the air tube headphones will stay where you put them hour after hour. 


  • Excellent sound quality for a top notch audio experience
  • Built-in hands-free microphone on headset
  • Extra earphone tips for a custom fit
  • Durable construction and build quality
  • Radiation reduction
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Only available in a single color
  • Earbud angle not right for every ear shape

For Kids – DefenderShield EMF Radiation-Free Air Tube Kids Headphones

New this year, DefenderShield has released radiation free air tube headphones.

These headphones are a similar high quality to the adult over ear headphones above. These have been developed by audio engineering specialists to provide advanced, professional-grade speakers to deliver higher fidelity sound.

These radiation proof headphones for kids are safe, lightweight, and sized for kids. They come with a carrying case and the headphones fold for easy storage.


  • Safe, comfortable and made for children
  • Stereo quality sound
  • Flexible and strong braided nylon cord infused with copper for additional protection from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation
  • Air Tube Length: 4.5 inches
  • Cord Length: 42.5 inches
  • Compatible with most 3.5 mm audio devices


  • Higher price point

4. Safesleeve Radiation Free Airtube Headphones

Safesleeve Radiation Free Air tube Headphones were definitely built to delight all users. Their air tubes wrap around the ears to provide a snug, comfortable fit, making them easy to wear all day. The included clip provides extra protection from jolts and jostles, which helps them stay in place during intense physical activities, including jogging and biking. This makes these the best air tube headsets for exercising.

These air tube headsets have a 3.5mm plug that is compatible with smartphones and other devices. The plug connects to two short wires that feed into the air tubes leading to the speakers. They house the speakers in an enclosure outside the ear tip, keeping them from sitting inside the ear canal. The enclosure directs the sound from the tubes into the ears, preserving its sound quality and volume.

Users can adjust the volume on the fly using the inline control buttons or the attached device. The inline slider allows for quick volume adjustments and even lets you switch the music on and off as needed while going about your day. 


  • Great sound quality
  • Convenient volume controls on headset
  • Quick on and off button on headset
  • Reduced EMF radiation
  • Excellent build quality
  • Built-in microphone


  • Electronic controls sit on chest
  • Tubes are shorter than other models
  • Strong plastic smell upon opening package

5. Tuisy Airtube Headset

The Tuisy Airtube Headset is a popular choice for many people who want to reduce their EMF exposure. This Tuisy air tube headset offers triplex anti-radiation functions to minimize users’ exposure to electromagnetic radiation as much as possible. In addition to the EMF-free air tubes, they have metal shielding around all the wiring in the system. Plus, their speakers are positioned at the back of the earphone tips to keep them from sitting inside the ears.

This Tuisy air tube headset uses a 3.5mm plug to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of devices, including smartphones from all major brands. They also connect to MP3 players, tablets, and laptops, simply clicking place with the push of the plug. They have inline controls that allow you to quickly adjust the volume at the click of a button. The controls have a center button for receiving and ending calls, which is made possible by the built-in microphone.  

Unlike the prior options, they do not have a clip or other reinforcements that help these air tube headsets stay in place. For that reason, they are best used while moving slowly or sitting still, as intense physical activity could cause the air tube earbuds to fall out of your ears. 


  • Superb sound quality for a great audio experience
  • Durable build
  • Built-in microphone
  • Inline controls
  • Decreased EMF exposure and RF radiation
  • Responsive manufacturer


  • Inline controls lie on chest 
  • Heavy earbuds
  • Poor fit for some users

6. KINDEN Airtube Earbuds

With KINDEN Airtube Earbuds, you can listen to songs, podcasts, and much more without excessive EMF exposure. They keep exposure to radiation low by using air-filled tubes to deliver sound through the ear tip. The tubes connect to short wires shielded by metal, which lead to a 3.5mm plug. The plug works with most audio devices, including smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets. 

A custom fit is easy to achieve with these air tube headsets since they come with three sizes of earphone tips. As you adjust them out, you can find the ones that fit snugly in your ears and stay put during physical activities. These air tube headsets also come with a sturdy clip that relieves pressure on the air tubes and keeps the tips from tugging out of your ears. 

Their sound quality is good, though bass tones are not as intense as some might like. In addition to working well for all your music, these earbuds allow you to respond to calls without putting the phone to your ear. You just have to speak through the built-in microphone to send audio to your device, though the ear buds lack an inline control switch to easily answer and end the calls. 


  • Good sound quality
  • Top build quality construction
  • Reduction in EMF radiation and RF radiation
  • Built-in microphone on headset
  • Noise-canceling ear tip
  • Six month limited guarantee


  • Strong plastic odor
  • Poor sound balance
  • Comes in only one color

7. Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset

Although not as high quality as the other options, the Dr Mercola Blue Tube Headset is a solid choice for many. These air tube headsets use long air-filled tubes to deliver crisp, clear sound through the ear tip. All the wiring used in their build is coated in metal shielding that blocks harmful EMFs. The lack of speakers in the ear tip help keep EMF radiation low as well. 

This headset comes with extra earphone tips to provide a comfortable fit for nearly all users. They do not come with a clip, however, allowing them to pull out of the ears quite easily. For this reason, they are best used while relaxing or walking around, instead of during physical activities. Since they do not have an inline control system, all volume adjustments must be made on the attached audio device.

The air tube headsets have a built-in microphone, allowing you to take calls as needed without putting the phone to your ear. Without the clip, however, the microphone often emits rustling sounds as it rubs on clothing. It is also prone to echoing during calls, especially when around multiple electronic devices. 


  • Good quality sound
  • Durable build quality
  • Vibrant blue color
  • Built-in microphone on headset
  • EMF radiation reduction
  • Extra earphone tips included


  • Rubber sleeve too easy to slide off on headset
  • Warranty must be added on
  • Echo during calls


Will an air tube headphone work with my iPhone?

Older iPhones have a 3.5mm port for headphones, which lets you plug an air tube headset in without a problem. Since iPhone 7 and above uses a lightning connector instead of a 3.5mm jack, the headphones will need a lightning adapter to work with those models (and other smart phones). With the adapter installed, the 3.5mm plug hooks right up to the headset, allowing you to take calls and listen to your music in an instant.  

How loud are they?

As with traditional headphones, an air tube headset can emit sounds in the 85 to 110 decibel range when turned up all the way. Since this could damage hearing, it is recommended to reduce the volume to just under 75 decibels when using the headset for any length of time. The best air tube headset – the DefenderShield – can get pretty loud. These provide more crystal clear sound than normal headphones or normal bluetooth headphones.

These not only produce high quality sound but also produce high definition perfect sound than other devices like electronic speakers and conventional headphones etc.

Can you use air tube headphones to make phone calls?

As long as the air tube headphones have a built-in microphone, they can be used to take calls. Check out the list of best air tube headphones above to see which have microphones. Without the microphone, they can still be used to hear your caller, but you will need to speak into the mouthpiece of your phone for them to hear you. Either way, prevent clothing and other items from rustling against the microphone or mouthpiece to avoid feedback during the conversation. For the best EMF protection, it’s best to keep the phone away from your head all together. Every mobile phone including apple devices are compatible with airtube headphones. One of the best features is that we don’t need to worry about safe distance and these can be purchased online.

Do they work with Xbox? 

If you have an Xbox One, you can plug your air tube headset right into the jack on the controller. If you are using an Xbox 360 or older, you will need to plug the earbuds into the TV or monitor instead as the controllers only have 2.5mm jack. While adapters do exist, they have become quite scarce with the release of the new generation.  

Wrapping it up

EMF radiation is real health threat. High quality air tube headsets can both provide EMF radiation reduction by keeping cell phones away from your head and neck (unlike wired headsets) and still provide quality sound and the ability to make phone calls. There are some drawbacks with air tube technology but the best air tube headsets mitigate many of those issues. Overally, the anti radiation benefits and EMF radiation protection alone make an air tube headset well worth the drawbacks. Don’t forget to check out any radiation levels with high quality EMF meters. Moreover have a look our special article on how we should protect our home from radio waves.