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Best EMF Protection T-Shirts — and a Hoodie! (2022)

This is the next in our series on EMF protection clothing. We’re going to jump right into the meat of the article but if you’re looking for more information about why EMF protection clothes are important, start with this article. This guide is intended to focus on the best radiation protection t-shirts (and a hoodie) … Read more

Wifi Router Guards – A Full Guide in 2022

I’ve spent a lot of time researching the harmful effects of wifi radiation lately. Almost always, the recommendation at the end of these articles is to turn your router off or use a router guard. I’d never heard of a wifi router guard until I started doing my research on how to protect my family … Read more

Best Airtube Headsets and Headphones (TOP 4 Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones and Headsets – 2022). Radiation Free!

We’ve covered the risk of cell phone radiation through a cell phone radiation list. One of the recommendations is to maintain a safe distance. If there’s any baby in your home then check our article that covered safe distance of a cell Phone from a baby. In this article, we’re going to talk about a very effective way to … Read more

Best EMF Protection Clothing – An In Depth Guide to EMF Shielding Clothing in 2022)

Best EMF Protection Clothing

EMF radiation is difficult to escape. Between cell phones, wifi, and wearable technologies, it’s all around us. I’ve researched and written a lot about how to protect yourself and your family from these health hazards. But let’s be honest. You can diligently use your wifi router guard, but what about the wifi from your neighbors? … Read more

Best EMF Protection Shoes (TOP Option in 2022)

Last modified on February 4, 2022 This is another in our series on EMF protection clothing. This article will address something you probably haven’t thought about – shoes! We won’t be spending much time talking about the dangers and health effects of EMF radiation. This article digs into those details so check it out. Without further … Read more