How to Measure EMF From Power Lines

The fact that you are reading this means that you are probably concerned about EMF radiation and the kind of potential damage it could cause to your health. Whenever we think of EMF and how to protect ourselves from it, …

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Are Bluetooth Headphones Safe for Long Time Usage?

Bearded man in a suit looking through window with white wireless headphone in ear

Bluetooth radiation is one of the least discussed forms of electromagnetic fields. The lack of any formal studies has led industry “experts” to conclude that they are safe. This claim is not based on any evidence proving that they are …

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Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation in Airplane Mode?

Americans live in a society connected by radiofrequency(RF) radiation. The Pew Research Center (1) tells us that 96 percent of Americans have a cell phone of some kind, and 83 percent own a smartphone. About half of Americans own tablet …

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What is a Safe Distance from a Wifi Router?

Once upon a time, your PC is the only gadget that required internet access. However, in today’s digital era, each device you purchase can connect to the Internet. As a result, our homes are engulfed in WiFi.  It is, therefore, …

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EMF Protection for Your Home – Ultimate Guide

A woman's hands cupped over a small wooden house on a table

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve likely noticed there’s a lot of uproar about EMFs (electromagnetic fields which discharge radiation). It’s a hidden toxin that exists among us. This is because EMFs are a low-level yet adverse, exposure …

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Wifi Router Guards – A Full Guide in 2022

I’ve spent a lot of time researching the harmful effects of wifi radiation lately. Almost always, the recommendation at the end of these articles is to turn your router off or use a router guard. I’d never heard of a …

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