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Nintendo Switch EMF Radiation (How Much and What To Do About it)

The Nintendo Switch has been popular among kids and adults since it was released in 2017.  The Switch has the flexibility to be both a handheld and used as a console with Controllers and it has a wide variety of games available.  If you and your family enjoy playing the Nintendo Switch, it makes sense … Read more

Is a WiFi Router Near a Baby Crib Safe?

Wifi has become increasingly regarded as a necessary public utility. Most families find them to be as essential as water, electricity, and gas. Depending on the survey, between 70 and 80 percent of North American homes and hundreds of millions of home worldwide connect to the Internet wirelessly through a router. Even if you don’t have … Read more

Induction Cooktop EMF Radiation (5 Tips to Reduce Exposure!)  

Induction cooktops are marketed as offering the best of both worlds – the precision and even-cooking of gas ranges with the easy cleanup and maintenance of electric. Great! Right? But most people don’t know how this technology works.  They definitely don’t know induction technology uses electric currents to directly heat pots and pans through magnetic induction. This … Read more

Is It Safe to Sleep with AirPods? Educate EMF

Man wearing AirPods in his ear while looking out a window

Apple is king when it comes to next-generation technology. Their innovation and passion for design shine through their sleek invention – the Apple AirPods. Customers love them too. They’re so popular that you can hardly go two city blocks without coming across someone wearing them! Airpods have been a hot product since they hit the … Read more

What is a Safe Distance from a Wifi Router?

Once upon a time, your PC is the only gadget that required internet access. However, in today’s digital era, each device you purchase can connect to the Internet. As a result, our homes are engulfed in WiFi.  It is, therefore, no surprise that a majority of homes have at least one WiFi router. Granted, these … Read more

Do Cell Phones Emit Radiation in Airplane Mode?

Americans live in a society connected by radiofrequency(RF) radiation. The Pew Research Center (1) tells us that 96 percent of Americans have a cell phone of some kind, and 83 percent own a smartphone. About half of Americans own tablet computers, and about half of Americans own a Kindle or a Nook. Whenever these devices … Read more

How to Get Wired Internet Upstairs: A Step By Step Guide. 3 Options Outlined (2022)

It’s safe to say that the internet changed the world. It’s also safe to say that Wifi helped the internet in that accomplishment. It’s one thing to connect people around the world. It’s another to make that connection convenient. Despite the convenience of Wifi, it’s not necessarily the best way to distribute internet connections across … Read more