How Do Wi-Fi Towers Work? Here are the Details!

The top of a gray wifi tower with blue sky in the background

“Is the Wi-Fi down?” “Do they have free Wi-Fi?” “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” “Does the vacation property we are renting include Wi-Fi?” Wi-Fi has become a common household word. In today’s world, Wi-Fi is a required amenity when reserving a …

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EMF Protection: Danger Levels and Protection Methods

high voltage power lines among buildings in a city with yellow sunset in background

Today’s world is more digitally connected than before. We’re always plugged-in. The gadgets and apps that we use to keep us connected and productive are becoming more accessible, globally. While this reliance has veered us into the realm of addiction …

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5 Electromagnetic Energy Examples in Daily Life

3 nuclear power cooling towers with the sunset in the background

Electromagnetic energy (EM) is a remarkable phenomenon, that has in recent times, been considered ubiquitous to human existence. If this sounds like a foreign scientific concept to you, you’ll be surprised to learn just how much you interact with it. …

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The Units for Measuring EMF Radiation

Cartoon picture of a room in a house with one person listening to music, another on a laptop and a child on a tablet device

If you’re concerned about the level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure you’re subjected to daily, well, you’re in great company. There are lots of folks out there who want to know how to measure EMR but don’t have the slightest …

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Some Smart Meter Dangers You Should Worry About

Gray smart meter attached to electric box on house

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. You get a spanking new smartphone with all the latest features, and before you know it, it’s already outdated. There’s a newer one on the market with features so sophisticated, that you might …

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