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11 Crystals That Protect Against EMF Radiation

We use more gadgets today than at any other point in history. How easy is it for you to get through the day without reaching for your phone or firing up your laptop? Many jobs today require people to stay connected 24/7. 

However, our dependence on devices exposing us to electromagnetic fields (EMF) extends beyond our tablets and iPhones. We now have headphones, induction cooktops (Check), and even Apple watches (Check) containing technology capable of producing some level of EMF.

We do not have to resign ourselves to a choice between our love of technology or living as a Luddite. Crystals have emerged as a potential form of protection against the threat of EMF. Let’s take a deeper look into how crystals combat EMF.

This article provides recommendations on crystals recognized for their ability to reduce the effects of EMF exposure.

Using Crystals to Combat EMF

The practice of crystal therapy dates back centuries. Ancient Sumerians considered them a valuable ingredient for magic formulas. Many of the philosophies of modern crystal healing come from Asian traditions related to the concept of every person having an allotment of life-energy, or chakras, connecting the physical and spiritual elements of their form.

Alternative medicine methods use crystals for healing or EMF protection. There is not a large amount of peer-reviewed research on the value of crystal healing for protection against EMF.

What cannot be denied is the long history of people’s affinity to various stones and crystals.

Let’s be clear, we are not promoting the use of crystals as a way of battling cancer caused by EMF.

However, they can have benefit when it comes to dissipating the levels of EMF in your immediate vicinity. The theory behind using crystals is that they can absorb some of the EMF while producing grounding energy that can lower some side effects of EMF exposure, like:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Headaches
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Painful, itchy sensation

Below you will find a list of popular crystals used to combat the effects of EMF.

Black Tourmaline

Close up of black tourmaline mineral with white background

This silicate mineral is found in countries like Brazil, China, and India.

It’s comprised of aluminum borosilicates and a mix of magnesium, iron, and other metals. The black crystal’s name originates from turmali, an ancient Sinhalese word. Interestingly, each stone differs because the core varies depending on its balance of components.

Crystal healers use it for helping with physical ailments like chemotherapy side effects, addiction treatment, and arthritis. This grounding stone promotes a connection between an individual’s physical and spiritual self.

Additionally, many believe it has value in helping people with issues like anxiety and high-stress levels.

Black Tourmaline doesn’t function as a traditional EMF blocker. It enhances the body’s electrical field, boosting protection against potential harmful EMF radiation.

Elite Shungite

Rough Elite Shungite mineral next to smooth rectangular Elite Shungite on a pendant with a white background

Shungite is well known for its anti radiation properties. The rarity of Elite Shungite makes it harder for the average person to track down. It is silver in color, with a glassy smooth surface capable of reflecting daylight. Elite Shungite differs from the classic form of Black Shungite. Elite is comprised of 98 percent allotropic carbon and black is 30 percent.

Tracking down the origins of Elite Shungite has proven difficult. Some theories speculate it arrived on earth in the region of Russia by way of a meteorite.

The fragility of Elite Shungite makes it difficult to form the metal into geometric shapes. It is possible to find pendants with chunks of the stone. The purest forms of Elite Shungite contain natural fullerenes, said to act as absorbents and fillers. Keep in mind that only the rarest form of Elite Shungite contains enough of these particles to make a difference.


Orgonite pyramid crystal with golden metal shavings at the base

Orgonite is a mix of resin, metal shavings, and quartz crystals. It got its name from Wilhelm Reich, a noted psychoanalyst, and medical doctor. He coined the term to refer to the energy that is everywhere in nature in varying forms.

The idea behind the use of Orgonite is that the quartz portion of the stone absorbs out-of-balance energies, placing you back into a healthy state by the quartz portion of the stone. Many reiki specialists use Orgonite to decrease an individual’s sensitivity to EMFs around them.

Other uses for Orgonite include sleep improvement, balancing mood, and helping you feel more energetic. In addition to helping with EMF emissions, Orgonite can also help deepen meditation periods and help with visualizations.


Lepidolite is a mica mineral full of lithium. It is infused with quartz to form a gemstone. The most common colors for lepidolite are red, pink, and purple. You can only find lepidolite in places that have high concentrations of lithium. This makes the mineral very rare.

Uses for Lepidolite in the world of alternative healing include helping you focus energy in your chakras. Many healers rely on lepidolite as a mood stabilizer. They rely on the lithium the stones contain to infuse people with a sense of calm when they are feeling stressed or surrounded by chaos.

It works well in combination with Fluorite in protecting people against EMF coming from computers.


Tan colored Fulgurite mineral rectangular in shape against white background

Fulgurite is formed by the fusion of silica (quartz) sand or rock from a lightning strike.

Many healers believe the stones help create powerful flows within the heart, throat, and Third Eye Chakra. They believe the stone’s high vibration frequency helps with hearing and allow people to manifest their deepest desires as they pray.

The most popular places for Fulgurite discovery are in deserts. It has been located in places like the Gobi Desert and the Sahara Desert. They typically come in places from one to three inches long and vary in color depending on where the lightning struck.

Fulgurite helps with EMFs by aiding those sensitive to electricity. Healers believe the stone balances out your body’s electrical activity and returns it to a normal state, lowering your vulnerability to EMFs.


Flint is another popular protection stone. It combats EMFs in the surrounding air. Flint is a type of quartz that usually forms in sedimentary rocks like marly limestone or chalk.

One of the biggest repositories of flint in North America lies in Flint Ridge, in Eastern Ohio. Flint artifacts have also been found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Rocky Mountains. Flint is also known as jasper or agate.

Black Moonstone

Ancient Roman literature refers to black moonstone. The Romans believed the goddess Diana’s reflection could be seen in the glow of the stone. The wearer would be capable of making better and wiser choices in their life.

Moonstone was even considered sacred in India.

It regained popularity during the Art Nouveau period because master goldsmiths like Rene Lalique used moonstone to create fabulous pieces of jewelry. Also, the stone is the official gem for the state of Florida.

Healers like Black Moonstone for its perceived ability to focus New Moon energy. That is, black moonstone keeps negative energy like EMFs away and pulls in positive vibrations instead.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite banded with blue, purple, green, clear, and yellow colors

This stabilizing, protective stone grounds and harmonizes spiritual energy. For example, rainbow fluorite increases a person’s intuitive abilities when working with the upper Chakras.

Rainbow fluorite also anchors thoughts and facilitating better coordination between an individual’s mental and physical state.

Rainbow fluorite combines all the properties found in other fluorite crystals like blue, purple, green, clear, and yellow. Some believe it works best acting as a barrier against EMFs emitted from computers. Many people wear it in the form of a bracelet or necklace.

Green Aventurine

Polished Green Aventurine stone with white background

Aventurine is another stone containing a large amount of quartz. The balance of those additional materials gives green aventurine its color. The abundance of quartz found in green aventurine makes causes many healers to consider it an excellent stone for use in amplifying positive energy.

Green aventurine is found in Italy, China, Brazil, Nepal, and Russia. Healers often focus their use of the stone on the heart chakra. Many have found them helpful in removing EMFs emitted from the electronic equipment that surrounds them at their job.

The stones absorb any environmental pollution and leave you in a healthier state. 


Hans Morten Thrane Esmark, a Norwegian mineralogist, named Aegirine after the Norse sea god Aegir. It belongs to the Pyroxene group of crystals along with Augite. Aegirine’s distinct shape is long, prismatic and crystals attach to a solid center. Aegirine can also be found in Greenland, Canada, Scotland, and Kenya.

Other uses for Aegirine include:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving cellular memory
  • Promoting the body’s self-healing properties

Healers also promote Aegirine by those recovering from an injury or illness. They believe it helps protect against potential EMF damage by helping the body process and eliminate toxins from a person’s physical and energy levels.

Smokey Quartz

Brown Smokey Quartz against a white background

Smokey quartz is popular among those interested in reaching an elevated state of consciousness. The thought process behind its effectiveness is that the stone’s vibrations help us reach our full potential. Smokey quartz helps people release negativity from their inner selves, including feelings of envy, anger, and jealousy.

The smoky quartz represents a tie to Mother nature. It comes into existence when crystalline quartz becomes exposed to natural radiation from surrounding rocks, similar to the creation of amethyst. Smokey quartz is used for jewelry like necklaces, rings, and brooches. 

Smokey quartz is not a traditional protection crystal. Many healers believe its inherent qualities are likely to boost EMF if used near an EMF-emitting device. However, it promotes healing in the body once you are some distance away.

Find What Works for You

We are worried to know more about how to block radio waves in our home, using these crystals we can do that to some extents. Crystal healing is still being explored. Still, those looking for ways to combat the potential damage caused by high exposure to EMFs may want to investigate the various effects of different crystals. We always encourage open-mindedness in looking for alternative forms of EMF protection.

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