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EMF Protection: Danger Levels and Protection Methods

Today’s world is more digitally connected than before. We’re always plugged-in. The gadgets and apps that we use to keep us connected and productive are becoming more accessible, globally. While this reliance has veered us into the realm of addiction and co-dependency, the advent of technology has notably elevated our culture in a myriad of ways.

But what repercussions does this have on our health and environment? These devices discharge invisible foes knows as EMFs that are detrimental to your health, overall well-being, and the environment over time. This doesn’t mean you pack your bags and flee to the prairie to live a tech-free life.

However, it’s essential to be aware of the dangers of EMF in the modern world, coupled with effective protection methods that you can integrate into your everyday life. As a result, you’ll be able to alleviate the effects of exposure. Read on!

EMFs Explained

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) aren’t a new phenomenon. They’ve been in existence since the beginning of time in the form of the Earth’s magnetic field and the sun’s UV rays. Moreover, these natural EMFsare beneficial.

For example, adventurers, for the longest time depend on the Earth’s magnetic north pole to align their compasses and explore new worlds. Secondly, migratory animals such as birds and wildebeests depend on the Earth’s magnetic waves to direct them and prevent them from veering off course.

Thirdly, your body has magnetic and electric fields that are linked to your muscular and nervous system. In a nutshell, EMFs are invisible waves or lines (frequencies) of energy that stem from matter.

And then, the man-made EMFs rolled in. 

In today’s world, it’s a whole different ballgame. With regards to your health, EMFs refer to a silent enemy; electromagnetic radiation. These EMFs are not only artificial but also interact with your body in different ways based on their intensity and frequency.

It began with refrigerators, radios, TVs, and other electronic gadgets. However, the EMF radiation exposure was minimal since back then people weren’t in contact with them every day.

However, today is a different story. You’re glued to electronic devices all day, every day. They sit on your lap, are in your hands, wrapped around your wrists, in your pockets, and right next to your pillow as you sleep. Beyond the radiation emanated from these gadgets, you’re constantly bathing in the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals they depend on.

EMF dangers

two people's hands holding cell phones on a table across from each other

As they say, the dose makes the poison. This applies to EMF exposure because it differs from one person to the next. Therefore, while you may be sensitive to this exposure, someone else could have a Bluetooth gadget like a Smartwatch constantly strapped to their wrist and not experience any ailments. So, it’s vital to listen to your body and be cautious.

The adversities of EMF exposure rear their ugly heads in the following signs and symptoms.

  • Throbbing headache
  • Fatigue that persists throughout the day after a seemingly restful night.
  • Insomnia-It’s one of the most common symptoms because bedrooms have become a hotbed for this radiation. This ranges from tablets and cell phones next to the bed, and spring mattresses that act as antennas, to dirty electricity emanating from the wall sockets.
  • Tinnitus-It’s the constant noise in your ears such as ringing, hissing, or roaring when there’s no external presence of such sounds. Tinnitus is common in those with adverse electro-hypersensitivity.
  • Dizziness
  • Cognitive decline- This is what we call brain fog in layman’s language and is when you begin to feel let down by your memory. So, you have trouble recalling events, names, or places. Moreover, concentration becomes an uphill battle.

Studies have found that excessive EMF exposure is a catalyst for Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, a report unveiled that by 2050, the number of people battling Alzheimer’s will be three times greater.

  • Recurring illness and infection
  • Heart palpitations and chest discomfort
  • Skin allergies such as redness, tingling sensation, or a rash on the face, arms, and other body parts.
  • Dysesthesia- It causes the brain to stimulate burning and itching sensations on your skin.
  • Depression
  • Nausea
  • Weight loss

To determine whether or not you’re sensitive to EMF exposure, go camping for a week and unplug from all electronics. Pay attention to how your body feels, including your sleeping pattern. If you notice positive changes which are then negated as soon as you’re back at home, then this is a sign that you should look into EMF shielding.

Categories of EMF exposure

This exposure falls into two categories.

  • Low-level radiation: Synonymous with non-ionizing radiation, this category is mild. It describes a set of energy waves made up of magnetic and electric fields that travel at the speed of light. Some examples of low-level radiation sources include microwave ovens, lasers, cell phones, Bluetooth gadgets.
  • High-level radiation: Also referred to as ionizing radiation, it carries enough energy that cuts off electrons and atoms. As a result, this ionizes them. Some examples of high-level radiation sources are the sun’s UV rays and X-rays.

The intensity of EMF exposure diminishes with an increment in the distance and vice versa.

Categories of dangerous man-made EMFs

cartoon illustration of a three houses on a street with power lines in front of each one, all connected

It’s no secret that the environment we live in has become saturated with EMFs, also known as EMR (electromagnetic radiation). While the digital era has injected a large amount of convenience to your life, it’s also ushered in high levels of artificial EMFs called electro-smog.

There are 4 main types of hazardous EMFs.

  • Radiofrequency (RF) radiation: It’s the frequency that WiFi routers, cordless phones, tablets, cell phones, Bluetooth, smart meters, and other devices emanate.
  • Magnetic fields: At a frequency of 60Hz, magnetic fields are discharged from faulty wiring, motors, power lines, transformers, and other sources of current.
  • Electric fields: They sum up the Alternating Current (AC) that is emitted by plugged-in devices, and wiring of a house or building. Electric fields are difficult to compute due to the voltage variations. Furthermore, ungrounded cords containing 2 instead of 3 prongs emit higher levels of EMF.
  • Dirty electricity: It’s the high-frequency harmonics coupled with transients that you’ll find in building wiring, for instance. Power supplies that transform Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current(DC) generate dirty electricity.

EMF danger levels

EMFs are computed in voltage per meter (V/m) courtesy of an EMF meter that you can order online. High voltages per meter translate to excessive EMF levels. Therefore,when it comes to EMF danger levels, your exposure shouldn’t exceed the following readings.

  • Natural EMFs- 200 V/m
  • Power sources (away from power lines)- 100 V/m
  • Power mains (near power lines)- 10000 V/m
  • Computer screens- 10 V/m
  • Electric trains- 300 V/m
  • Radio and TV transmitters- 6 V/m
  • Microwave ovens- 14 V/m

Sources of EMF Radiation

There’s a wealth of EMF radiation sources in your home and all around you. While some are a no-brainer, others are hidden. Let’s explore some of these sources.

1. A wireless baby monitor

They make taking care of infants a breeze because they’re the eyes and ears of parents. While this handy little device makes things easier, most parents don’t realize just how damaging it is to their baby’s health. This is as a result of the high EMF radiation emanated between the receiver and transmitter of the monitor.

Furthermore, the shorter the distance between two monitors (one for the parents and the other for the baby),the greater the radiation level.

A study done by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicated that infants are more vulnerable to EMF radiation exposure because they’re yet to develop fully. Exposing children to this danger from a tender age also elevates the likelihood of them developing hyperactivity.

2. ‘Smart’ gadgets

Cartoon picture of a tablet controlling a smart home

You may be in awe by the boatload of home gadgets that can be controlled with one touch of a button on your smartphone. It’s, therefore, no surprise that this type of technology is gaining popularity in a myriad of homes. While this convenience makes your life a walk in the park, it also ushers in high levels of EMF radiation discharged by the Bluetooth and wireless systems.

Sure, you can buy a smart fridge that displays the groceries you need to buy or get a peek at what’s inside the fridge without needing to open the door. It may even assist you in placing your order at the closest grocery shop.

There are also coffeemakers that you can operate from your smartphone while you lay in bed and wait for a fresh cup of coffee to kick-start your day. All these ‘smart’ gadgets function via wireless connections.

But, when you piece it all together, the result is astartling amount of EMF radiation that will leave you in dire straits in the future when it comes to your health. So, do you need all these appliances in the name of ‘convenience?’ Is it worth your overall wellbeing? Probably not!

3. An e-reader or tablet

In nearly every home, there’s at least one tablet. With the popularity of Amazon kindle, for instance, a multitude of people are using e-readers or tablets to catch up with a wealth of interesting e-books. Moreover, these tablets come in handy to keep up with the latest online news and trends on social media.

However, what you probably don’t realize is that these devices emit equally high levels of radiation as computers and smartphones.

4. Microwave ovens

Found in almost every household, these wondrous devices make the heating or cooking process, a piece of cake. But, these handy gadgets emanate radio frequencies of approximately 3GHz that are toxic to your health.

5. A smoke detector

While this is a necessity that you probably have in your home, a smoke detector discharges radiation. This is because it uses a radioactive isotope known as Americium-241, which detects the presence of smoke particles in the atmosphere.

6. Electrical wiring

You may not realize, but electrical wiring in your home or office emits EMF radiation. The radiation levels are even higher when the wiring or electrical appliances in use, are faulty.

7. A dimmer light switch

More than generic light switches, the dimmer light versions serve as an EMF radiation hotspot. This is because, when the light is dimmer, the part of the current that’s not in use is discharged as radiation. Thus, dimmer switches in your home constantly emit unnecessary amounts of EMF radiation that are detrimental to your health in the long run.

8. Plumbing

in wall plumbing with copper and metal pipes connected to valves

Did you know that plumbing emits EMF radiation? Sounds bizarre, right? Well, most homes contain underground, in-built metal water pipes. So, with nearby EMF sources, these pipes serve as good conductors of electricity. Thus, this makes them radiation sources.

9. Electrical heating

It refers to the heaters installed the bathrooms, kitchen floors, or other parts of homes, that serve as key EMF radiation sources. For starters, electrical heating mats are placed on the subfloors and coated with heat-resistant plastic before the installation of the tiles. Electrical currents then power up the mats, which kick starts the heating. In turn, this emanates EMF radiation.

10. Neighbors

It may come as a surprise to you but, livingnear others results in their Wi-Fi signals seeping into your home. This also includes their ‘smart’ technology such as smart meters, given that EMF travels far and wide. Therefore, that dwelling in apartments has a higher likelihood of facing the repercussions of the radiation produced by their neighbors’ homes.

Other examples of EMF sources are:

  • Cell towers
  • Satellites
  • Alarm clocks
  • Fitness monitors
  • Hairdryer
  • An electric shaver
  • Electric blankets
  • Power generators
  • MRIs
  • Cell phones

What are the long term repercussions of EMF radiation exposure?

EMF radiation (EMR) has become integrated into your everyday life. You’re constantly exposed to a wealth of EMF sources. As this exposure grows by leaps and bounds, a grim reality of the detrimental long-term health effects begins to take shape. Let’s explore some of these adversities.

  • Cancer: It’s caused by the long term exposure to everyday EMF sources such as microwave ovens, Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth devices, and more. This is because the radiation leads to the formation of cancer-causing cells (carcinogens) in the body.

Reports have revealed that EMF exposure is a high-risk factor for leukemia in children. A study conducted also uncovered that cell phone radiation elevates the likelihood of developing gliomas in your brain and schwannomas in your ears, both of which are tumors.

  • Brain damage: It’s no secret that your brain is the ‘commander-in-chief’ of your entire body. It controls your movements, body functions, thoughts, and actions.
    Long-term EMF radiation exposure stemming from excessive cell phone usage leads to increased production of glucose metabolism in the brain, thus causing swelling. This then kills the brain cells, thereby damaging this vital organ.
  • Dementia: EMR weakens the link between your brain and the circulatory system. This causes holes that serve as entry points for toxins to seep into the brain. As a result, dementia sets in. A study showed that excessive exposure to cell phone radiation leads to symptoms of dementia (memory loss).
  • Concentration loss: EMR causes a decline in your ability to concentrate and stay attentive. Reports have discovered that the use of cell phones for more than 90 minutes each day drastically lowers your concentration span.
  • Neurological and psychiatric disorders: EMR causes repercussions in the optimal functioning of your nerves, thereby impacting your sleeping pattern and mood.
  • Lower levels of salivary antioxidants: A report claims that EMF radiation exposure significantly reduces the levels of antioxidants in your saliva. This may seem trivial, but what you don’t realize is that saliva is instrumental in blocking pathogens from getting into your system.

Top EMF protection methods around your home

To lessen your exposure to this silent foe known as EMR, take the initiative by assessing the vicinity of your home, by implementing the following methods.

1. Stay away from high-voltage power lines

sign on a fence that says "Danger High Voltage" with high voltage power lines in the background

When you’re house hunting, ensure that you scan the vicinity to avoid purchasing or leasing a home a stone throw away from high-voltage power lines. They generate strong magnetic fields that’ll seep into your home.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), low-frequency magnetic fields are regarded as carcinogenic to human beings. Residing near these power lines elevates the likelihood of cancer coupled with a barrage of other ailments.

Furthermore, those planning to have children, who are more susceptible to EMR damage, should be more mindful of this. This stems from the fact that EMF exposure has been tied to leukemia in children.

A study in the UK revealed that residing near high-voltage power lines boosts children’s probability of leukemia by a shocking 69%.

2. Keep your eyes peeled for cell phone towers

In today’s digital era, you’re exposed to roughly 100 million times greater the levels of EMF radiation compared to your ancestors. This is partly because of the radiation that cell phone towers emanate coupled with antennas that discharge microwaves (and 5G is coming). These radio waves of high-frequency (up to 1800 MHz) have the power to clock a distance of 45 miles on the straight landscape.

The closer the distance to a cell tower,the greater the danger levels. So,it’s in your best interest to scout the area around your home for any cell towers or communication masts. To your surprise, you may notice that your apartment building has cell towers mounted at the top.

If this is the case, the viable solution would be to get as far away from these towers as possible. Alternatively, you could invest in efficient shielding products such as EMF paint.

3. Think twice before getting a smart meter installed

Smart meters are increasingly popular in a plethora of homes today. However, are they truly a ‘smart’ option? These are small electronic gadgets that automate the monitoring of gas, water, and electricity consumption in a home for efficient billing.

While this is a seemingly smart initiative, these meters have been under the radar for a while now. This is because a myriad of people aren’t aware that smart meters emanate the same type of RF frequencies as smartphones, tablets, and wireless gadgets.

These convenient devices are so dangerous that health experts wrote a letter to the North Carolina Utilities Commission stating that smart meters give off as much as 190,000 signals every day.

Furthermore, there’ve been numerous cases of people feeling the adversities of the installation of smart meters in their homes. They include dizziness, sleep interruptions, dizziness, and fatigue.

So, if your apartment building where these smart meters are situated is a stone throw away, this EMF radiation can spell doom for you. Moreover, if a smart meter is located adjacent to your bedroom, then there’s a high likelihood that high levels of EMF are leaching in.

Therefore, a practical solution to this predicament would be to replace these ‘smart’ devices with the conventional analog meters.

If you have no choice, you can always get a smart meter shield. Read our article on the best smart meter shields to protect your home.

The Best Protection methods for EMF dangers in your home

In today’s wirelessly connected world, completely steering clear of EMF exposure is like sneezing with your eyes open. That’s how impossible it is to accomplish. Well, unless you’re tucked away in a Faraday cage somewhere in the prairie.

Nonetheless, there are some tips you can implement to safeguard the sanctuary you call home. The most vital aspect to keep in mind is thatgreater EMF exposure leads to elevated damage levels to your health. So, here are some practical solutions to get started on the right foot.

1. ‘Smart’ homes are your worst enemy

As a homeowner, you probably ask yourself generic questions like: did I turn off the kitchen lights? Is my security alarm system on? Did I remember to put off the iron? Well, a smart home quickly melts away these concerns because you can manage it from your smartphone. This means that as long as your home appliances are synchronized on the Internet, you can control them on your mobile device with one touch of a button.

For instance, imagine being able to control the security system of your home remotely using a mobile app; sounds amazing, right? You can also connect all your electrical appliances to form a smart home network.

Nonetheless, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies because having a smart home welcomes a barrage of health hazards that stem from EMF radiation. For instance:

  • Poor concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Low sperm count in men and infertility in women
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Poor cellular development in children

So, while having a smart home may seem like a dream come true, all that glitters isn’t gold. Sticking to your outdated electrical appliances will be better for your long-term health than upgrading to the latest gadgets in the market.

2. EMF protection paint

Are you on a mission to shield yourself from a nearby cell tower or the EMF radiation stemming from your neighbors’ homes? Then this water-based, black paint is a lifesaver.

EMFs are everywhere so there’s no escaping them, more so, if you’re in the hustle and bustle of the city. This paint blocks out up to 98% of EMF radiation from seeping into your home. You apply at least two coats on the inside and outside walls of your home. This includes the ceilings, window frames, and doors, where EMF levels are high. Once it dries, you have free rein to use your preferred choice of paint.

3. Bed canopies

Just like a mosquito net that prevents tiny bugs from zapping you all night, bed canopies keep invisible EMF radiation at bay. They function with the same principle as a Faraday cage, with the only difference being that they use anti-radiation fabric. It’s a mixture of silver with polyester or cotton. Once you drape it on your bed, the canopy blocks out nearly all the EMR. Furthermore, being portable, bed canopies are a great choice.

4. Turn off your WiFi signal

A black wifi router on a table with a laptop computer on a different table in the background

In today’s digital world, life without WiFi seems unimaginable. Printers, smartphones, laptops, computers, and ‘smart’ devices are all connected to it. But, are you aware that WiFi is one of the major contributors of electro-smog? This is because it emits microwave radiation that facilitates data transmission from the atmosphere to the wealth of WiFi-enabled gadgets.

Just like food and beverages, microwaves heat your body cells. This has adverse ramifications on your health in the long run, such as DNA damage, low sperm count, oxidative stress, and excessive calcium.

To avoid this predicament, replace wireless devices such as scanners, a computer mouse, and keyboards with their plugged-in USB counterparts. Doing this will make all the difference, especially if you’re surrounded by wireless gadgets for more than half a day.

Secondly, disconnect your WiFi signal at night when you hit the hay because EMF radiation exposure at night disrupts your sleeping (take out those Airpods too) pattern. It also hinders cell regeneration. Additionally, turn off this signal on devices that aren’t actively in use to significantly lower radiation exposure.

5. An Ethernet cable is your friend

blue ethernet cable attached to a laptop computer

You can use an anti-radiation Ethernet cable that links your router to your computer’s modem. Doing so will facilitate a swift and stable internet connection while getting rid of EMF radiation. Sounds like a win-win, right? If your computer lacks a port to plug in this cable, then a generic Ethernet adapter will do.

Here’s a guide on installing wired internet in your house.

6. Ditch your CFL light bulbs

In a quest to cut down your power bill, you switch from incandescent light bulbs to the Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL). Their energy-saving property has you grinning from ear-to-ear. But what you don’t know is that the latter is toxic for the following reasons.

  • They discharge elevated levels of EMFs coupled with UV radiation in each room they function.
  • A report indicates that CFL light bulbs emit higher levels of UV radiation when they’re in use at a one-foot distance.
  • These bulbs have toxic levels of mercury.
  • They generate transients of high frequency, which is the root cause of harmful dirty electricity in your home.

7. Avoid microwave ovens like the plague

Microwave ovens are designed to prevent the leeching of EMF radiation. However, with wear and tear of the seals, harmful amounts of EMF leach into the atmosphere. So, if you have a microwave oven that’s been lying around for the past 10 years, you may want to consider getting rid of it.

These ovens have frequencies of approximately 2.45 billion Hz. So, this means that standing a couple of feet away from a microwave oven while it heats your food exposes you to roughly 25mG of EMF radiation. As a result, long-term health repercussions such as cancer and birth defects set in.

Nonetheless, if ditching your microwave oven isn’t your last resort, then you can take the following precautions.

  • When in use, maintain proximity of 5-10 feet. Avoid being in the room when the oven is in use.
  • Refrain from using plastics for cooking or heating food as these emit harmful carcinogenic chemicals that go straight into your food.

8. Keep your laptop off your lap

Man sitting on a gray chair with a laptop on his lap from a top down angle

Despite its name, a laptop shouldn’t be placed on your lap as it’s constantly radiating harmful EMFs. So, when you place it on your lap, these EMFs seep into your body.

Sitting with a laptop on your lap puts it close to your reproductive system causes infertility. Therefore, keep a safe distance of at least 0.2m between you and your laptop.

Alternatively, those who frequently work on their laptops can consider getting laptop shields that offer up to 99%EMF protection.

9. Earthing

When you harness the Earth’s energy, you’re able to guard yourself against the potential dangers of EMF exposure. Also known as grounding, Earthing entails treading barefoot on the ground to draw the Earth’s energy to recharge yours.

As they say, the key to success in anything is consistency. So, it’s through Earthing consistently that you’ll reap the benefits such as better sleep, increased energy levels, and stress reduction. Regarding EMFs, mounting research indicates that grounding aids in the stabilization of your body’s bio-electrical circuits.

In turn, you achieve a voltage that’s equal to the Earth. Sauntering in the woods or in backyard barefoot are forms of grounding. Engaging in activities that get you in direct skin contact with the ground for 20-30 minutes is also a form of Earthing.

10. Supplement your diet with antioxidants

EMF radiation eradicates vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that aid in optimal body function. Therefore, eating foods rich in antioxidants aids helps to replenish the lost nutrients. Doing so will then boost your body’s immune system to guard itself against EMR (electromagnetic radiation) coupled with oxidative stress.

A diet rich in antioxidants contains:

  • Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Broccoli
  • Nuts
  • Dark chocolate
  • Kale
  • Strawberries
  • Pecans
  • Fish
  • Artichokes

11. Crystal salt lamps

Made from Himalayan Pink Salt, these lamps emit a healthy dose of negative ions into the vicinity. These ions then cancel out the positive onesdischarged by the EMF sources (electrical gadgets) in your home. The installation of these lamps in every room of your home is a worthy investment for EMF protection.

12. Limit phone conversations

Smartphones are one of the most toxic sources of EMF radiation. This is due to the fact they’re always close to your head when you’re on a call. To limit this exposure, you can opt for a corded landline in your home. This helps you avoid making phone calls using your smartphone when you’re in the house.

The second option is to keep phone calls as brief as you can. Thirdly,if possible, have face-to-face hangouts, instead of phone conversations. Lastly, use hands-free, wired headsets to make and receive phone calls.

EMF Protection tips when using your smartphone

Person holding a phone up in front of their face with a brightly lit screen while laying down in a dark room

Magnetic fields weaken with increased distance from their respective sources, and vice versa. Keeping this in mind, below are a few pointers that will steer you in the right direction when it comes to diminishing your exposure to EMF radiation.

1. Limit cell phone usage

With the latest smartphones offering excellent battery life, this paves the way to spend hours on end on social media or binge-watching YouTube videos. This means that you’re constantly connected to cellular data or a wifi signal, which are sources of EMF radiation. So, limiting your phone usage translates to less radiation exposure, which could ultimately mean a longer, healthier life for you.

2. You don’t need to carry your phone everywhere you go

You and your phone don’t need to be attached at the hip that you go everywhere with it. Some separation will be beneficial to you in the long run. Reports indicate that men who constantly have their phones in their hands or tucked away in their pockets face the long-term repercussions of low sperm count. This stems from the emitted EMR by their devices.

3. Put your phone on airplane mode

Turn on airplane mode when your phone is not actively in use, especially when sleeping at night. Doing so will reduce your radiation exposure. You’ll also experience elevated levels of productivity that comes from a restful night.

4. Switch ears during phone calls

If you’re left-handed, for instance, chances are, you place your phone on your left ear when making and receiving phone calls. But,this elevates the risk of developing brain tumors on the side of your head that you use the most. Therefore, switching sides minimizes this risk.

5. Utilize speakerphone

Increasing the proximity from your smartphone by using speakerphone when making and receiving calls notably protects you from EMF radiation.

6. Remember to switch off your antenna

A myriad of people always has their smartphones enabled for cellular data, WiFi, and Bluetooth when they don’t require all three services simultaneously. In turn, these usher in dangerous levels of EMFs. So, make a mental note to switch on the antenna you require at the time and disable the others.

7. Be patient for a strong signal

Poor cell phone reception exposes you to hazardous levels of EMFs. This is because your phone is constantly scouting for a nearby cell tower to connect to and thereby discharges greater levels of EMFs to do so.

When you’re in this predicament, be patient until you get a strong signal on your phone. It can certainly drive you up the wall when you want to communicate with your friends and loved ones but can’t at that moment. But remember, your health is far more important.

8. Avoid using wireless chargers

White cell phone on a wireless charger

Even when the opportunity to use this seemingly amazing device presents itself, stick to the conventional USB counterparts. As tempting as they may be, wireless chargers escalate EMFs in your home even when they’re not actively in use.

9. EMF protection air tube earphones

These are becoming increasingly popular. Simply put, these earphones transmit sound through hollow air tubes as opposed to the generic wires. This prevents EMF radiation from directly seeping into your head.

Air tube earphones contain in-built hollow tubes that act as substitutes for wires that would transmit sound to your ears. Through this, the magnetic fields that the speaker emanates are veered off your head. Moreover, the radiofrequency signals are blocked by the air tubes. This prevents them from getting to your ears without compromising the sound quality.

10. A wearable

To some, protecting their homes from EMF exposure may seem like overkill. So, investing in a wearable is something you want to look into, as outlined below.

  • Energy pendants: They constantly radiate negative ions that get rid of the toxic positive ones generated by EMFs in the atmosphere. Energy pendants also eliminate harmful EMFs in your body. Not only are the pendants chic but also a cheaper and more convenient option, than making your home radiation-free.
  • EMF Protection Clothing: Fabrics that utilize the faraday cage concept to provide protection to your body
  • WiFi and Bluetooth radiation harmonizers: They’re geared towards the elimination of EMF radiation. Contrary to blocking or shielding, these harmonizers get rid of EMF radiation through the harmonization and neutralization of its effects. This means they constantly discharge a wealth of negative healthy ions.
  • Wristband: It offers you protection from EMF sources that are up to 10 meters away. While neutralizing and harmonizing harmful frequencies, it elevates your stamina, energy levels, and endurance.

11. EMF shielding phone cases

Just like a generic phone case that safeguards your phone from external damage, these cases function the same way. The only added advantage is that they keep harmful EMFs inside the phone, thereby blocking them from being transmitted into your body.
The bottom line

Regardless of what your take is on the danger levels of EMF radiation, one thing is certain; technology isn’t going away and will continue progressing as time goes by. So, we need to smarten up about how we interact with it in our day-to-day. If you’re looking to shield yourself and your sanctuary, then these protection methods are a great place to start. Do you have concerns about the hazardous levels of EMFs? What are some of the protection methods you have in place? How effective were they? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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